Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


It takes forever, though. Just put up your shield immediately after you enter and either wait for the dogs to attack or if they don’t attack right away dodge right and go around them. Capra used to give me a lot of trouble but once I learned how to handle the first 5 seconds of the fight the rest of it became pretty easy.

Also, if you’re like me and you rarely use lock on you might want to for the dogs because they’re so small and fast. But not right away, save that until you’re up the stairs.



The Dark Souls series is very weird in the way things effect enemies. There are some immune to some effects while others are greatly damaged by them. Poison can kill a few, lightening or fire can really add to the damage you do against some enemies. If you are having problems with a boss or class of enemy it is worth trying something special.

And the seemingly useless (it will poison you for using it) dung pie can do great damage to some enemies.



there is an area where you can fight 4-5 Capra demons in a row… But they are pretty easy to fight if you have enough space to move arround …



say WHAT?



yeah and 2-3 Taurus demons thrown in for good meassure… I think in the demon ruins



Great. That’s where I’m heading after I kill Nito.



It will only emphasize how much of a wimp Capra is.



Yeah. The problem with the Capra Demon is how little space you have to fight him the first time you meet him, and the two dogs.



It’s really pretty much just the dogs.



When you fight them later on they are much easier.



After an amazing detour through the mythic lands of feudal Japan, I’m ready to head back down into the dark to conquer Nito. I threw myself at him a few times to try and figure out what I was up against, and it seems like it’ll be a bit of a challenge.

During the opening cutscene, when he first appeared onscreen, I rememberd thinking “shit, I’m going to have to fight this guy at some point aren’t I?” I guess that time has come. I will be overjoyed when I can finally put the Tomb behind me.



Welp…shouldn’t have taken a break to play Sekiro. I’m so bad at this game now! After dying too many times to skelly-dogs, I decided to leave the tomb for another day and progress to the next place on my list: Demon Ruins.

What better way to relearn Souls combat than to fight a host of Taurus and Capra demons? Sigh.

Ceaseless Discharge (really???) was a weird one. I guess I already activated it from its dormant state when I ran into that area previously to pick up the treasure hiding there. As soon as I entered the fog gate it started comin at me. I didn’t really get a good up close look at it…what IS that thing?

I ran around in circles getting consumed by fire having no idea how to fight this thing, until I ran back to the fog gate and started hammering on some bloated appendage. I hit it like four times doing decent damage, and then the fifth hit like totally wiped the remaining healthbar. Had to be a bug yeah?

Whatever. I’ll take it.

So now I’m on floor of a drained lava lake trying to slowly pull one demon at a time and it’s not going so well. Time to Havel up I guess and do my best to cut them down.



Not a bug, that method is intended. It’s hard to see from your point of view, but what happened is he jumped at you and was hanging on with that appendage you hit. Once you hit it a few times he lets go and falls to his death.



PIcked this up for Switch the other day and it’s so good playing back through it again.



Oh my that’s hilarious! I totally stumbled into that.



Yea, it is a weird thing to experience. Then you get to NG++ or something and it doesn’t work anymore and you have to actually kill him. Still not a hard fight but it is a surprise.



Blazed through the Demon Ruins, Great Hollow, and Ash Lake. Taking a detour into DLC land before heading into Izalith.

I read somewhere you need to be rank 2 with the spider flamekeeper to get Solaire to show up during the final fight. Is that something I should do? Costs something like 30 humanity I think. …



it is needed to open a shortcut to Izalith, the huge gate, otherwise if you reach it from the other side you will find a mad Solaire, happened to me, and I killed him … I found the final fight to be tough solo. I never could parry him, so there you go



Probably only worth it if you’re doing pyromancy. Canonically Solaire does not make it to the end, but advancing in the covenant lets you save him and partake in jolly cooperation at the end of the game.

To get to rank 2 in that covenant pre-remaster you had to turn in humanities one at a time. Now you can just dump all 30 in one shot. There’s a really good place to farm humanities just before the last boss of the dlc.



I think you need to do the Solaire stuff in order to have him show up as an NPC for the final fight. Otherwise it is just a sad moment in the game.