Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor

For me the Nito fight was always about managing the damn Skeletons. Avoid them and destroy Nito and the fight is pretty easy. IIRC a faith weapon (which I normally never build) works best against him.

Looking at the wiki he is weak to fire. My divine claymore +2 did not do much to him (but did keep his skeletons down), but I had plenty of time to pull the mace out while he was doing one of his big blasts and from there it was beatdown city.

On the one hand I am now clad entirely in the armor of the sun. On the other hand…sad.

Yea, I assume you found out the story line of the worlds greatest Sunbro?

He does have a temple kind of behind or under the dragon you meet early in the game.

Yes, that’s where I got my lightning spear from. However I despair of ever getting the Greater version.

Speaking of despair: Bed of Chaos

Probably one of the worst Dark Soul bosses. The best way to fight this boss is to literally make 2 suicide runs, as the changes you make in each will remain changed. On the third run you go for the “kill”.

There is a lot of loot in the area though. And the Onion Knight, maybe.

I hated that boss, if I was the kind of person to smash my controller, I’d have smashed my controller. Also, I can’t believe how quickly you’re going through this! Or rather, I can’t believe how slowly I play these games in comparison with everyone else. I have someone on my Galaxy client who has beaten DS3 with several more achievements than me, done in 44 hours. I’m currently at 102 hours. Dark Souls took me 125 hours including DLC (DS2 was a breeze at only 99 hours!)

Wow, yeah I think I’ve hit right around 47 hours for every one of these games I’ve played so far. We’ll see how much DS1 clocks in at.

As far as suicide runs go, I have probably done a dozen so far. Every run at the Bed is a suicide run. Stupid swipes.

Well, I got past the Bed with the help of my shield, and now I’m on Four Kings, and it’s honestly just annoying, too. Starting to feel like they didn’t run out of ideas (they’re pretty inventive), but they ran out of good ideas.

wtf I must have run through that castle half a dozen times without seeing that stupid cat in the window.


You suicide run to the right “thing”, then suicide run to the left “thing”, then you enter the area and just make the jump onto the root below the floor. The you basically move as fast as you can to the center “thing”. A truly crappy boss. Kinda sad to because the area is very intimidating.

The Four Kings can be easy or very difficult depending on your build. And speed is of the essence. Take your time and they keep spawning.

I watched some play thru of the game and the player also completely missed the cat the first several times thru.

Yeah, I didn’t know what order you were supposed to do the roots in, so I went left first. Right was truly agonizing. If I hadn’t been able to tank a couple swipes with the ol’ sunlight shield I’m honestly not sure how I would have ever gotten past it.

The Kings went down to a two-handed mace assault while wearing Havel’s. The tracking of my attacks was still garbage, and it was still annoyingly hard to tell how far I was from the boss. Oh well, at least they’re over, which is definitely not the reaction I had to Nameless King, Darkeater Midir or even Sister Friede.

On to the Archives.

It really doesn’t matter, left or right. The second one will be tougher than the first.

I think the Kings fight is the only fight I have worn Havel’s gear on. In NG+. I was a sorcerer wearing Havels gear.

“Try ring,” says the highly-rated sign outside of the fog door.

“What the fuck does that mean,” I wonder, recalling my recent trip to the Abyss (which is evidently just, like, under New Londo Ruins).

“Try ring.”

Uh. Well. Whatever, I’m doing this. Walk through, get owned and sent to jail. Twenty thousand souls are left behind that fog door. Ah, I remember this from Bloodborne, I think, although it was handled much more gracefully there. Fight my way out, back to the door.

“Try ring.”

I am back in jail, fifty thousand souls are behind the fog door, and I really couldn’t be saltier about it.

You are supposed to lose that fight. The ring the note means is the “Ring of Sacrifice” so you save your souls. Yea, this is a stupid way to introduce you to a boss you will fight again in another place.

@kolbex @krayzkrok @Scuzz

Thank you so much for chronicling your efforts in Dark Souls 1 and 3 over the past few weeks.

I love Dark Souls! I’ve been reading your exploits daily and they have inspired me to forge ahead. These games are… well your efforts and descriptions do them justice better then any superlative I could throw here.

These games are right up there with the very best. System Shock 2 and Baldurs Gate 2 and Freespace 2 and Twisted Metal 2 and DCS etc… Your contribution is an honor to this site and to the quality of Dark Souls.

Is it weird to love games?

I feel left out.

: (

Well thanks Anklebiter, the thread wouldn’t work at all unless it was a joint effort, don’t forget @Scott_Dobros and I guess @Rock8man too even though he’s now betrayed the cause by playing mostly Rebel Galaxy Outlaw from what I can see. ;)