Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor

Oh right! I remember that now.

But keep in mind,

That launch might not be the best time for a playthrough. You thought the DS3 thread was all over the place in our replay, you should see these threads at launch. Actually you did, remember Sekiro? You have some people saying they’re done 3 days after launch, while another is saying their frame rate isn’t good for some reason, while another is saying it’s so hard they don’t know what they’re doing wrong. At least on the replay, if you can organize it, most technical issues have already been resolved, and there’s a lot of questions that veterans already know the answers to, and can help you out if you need the help.

So maybe … amend to: The Elden Ring thread will be epic after the first big sale after release.

Bloodborne had minute+ long load times at launch. In a game where most of us die like a dozen times an hour. It was still great though.

Glad I missed that. The only thing that kinda blows ass about Bloodborne now is no stat reallocation possible. I changed my build almost entirely at the very end of DS3. No regrets, really, either at how I went through most of the game or how I ended it.

Actually I take that back, I do have a regret. When I was Pure Strength I gobbled a bunch of boss souls because the weapons they gave had dex reqs and at the end I wished I could make those.

I have that and really need to play it.

Also, thanks for your kind words. Dark Souls is strangely a game that is best played shared. I think that is actually part of the genius of FROM’s design. You end up going to the DS community to find out certain things.

Yea, you have to watch the snowflakes and hope someone has left messages to help. Those seem to have a time limit or something because they do come and go. You can also shoot arrows ahead of you to show you the way. Once you know where the golems are you can find ways to avoid them.

Once you get to the other side there are things to farm for crafting materials. Makes you want to return to the area.

I totally agree. It’s also the coolest community I’ve been apart of, on these forums and in the larger world of the internet.

Yeah, I love co-oping…but it does kinda feel like cheating.

For the shame!

Let me sing you the song of @Scott_Dobros ! The explorer, the adventurer. The man who single handedly lifted this board with his Dark Souls exploits.

His reports were read avidly day after day… and when he stopped at Dark Souls 2 after daily exultation a great hue and cry went out. What happened? Where did he go? Why oh why :(

And the board recovered. The likes of @krayzkrok and @Kolbex and @Rock8man and all the others too hallowed to be named filled that void, preventing the great rift.

Dark Souls lives on.

Yes and no. I think you should always explore the areas from boss to boss and discover whatever is there. But if a boss is too hard, or frustrating, or you just want to move on to the next area to explore, you shouldn’t feel bad about summoning some help. Or offering yourself as help.

I do think the game is designed in places to be played co-op. And as someone mentioned in the DS3 thread there are areas in every game where invasions are welcomed, or at least considered part of the design.

I would agree. The online play mechanics say you are either truly helping somebody or are truly giving them pain. That pain comes with an understanding of the pain you endured getting that far, creating an element of respect. Almost like enemies at war.

Why oh why would anyone endure such pain to play a video game?

Simply because it is one of the most awesome worlds ever created.

I think I went to bloodborne lol. After DS1, my posting got pretty erratic, as I was jumping between games instead of just buckling down and finishing one at a time, so I don’t blame you if you missed a lot of my out-of-order posts. The path was non-sequential and winding, but I’m nearing the end. Appropriately enough, with the first game!

I think this part of it, and the larger community building, better define souls than something like “difficulty.” People fear these games because of that rap, and it’s kind of a shame. The game is only as hard as you want it to be if you’re willing to avail yourself of the built in cooperative tools.

Yeah, that felt more fevered and almost race-like. But it was awesome to experience it with the first wave of players!

I’ve gone through practically the entire game hollow. I think both times I human’d up I’ve been invaded literally immediately. The first time was the Anor Londo bonfire in the cathedral before O&S. That guy, despite the incredible lag (on my end at least) managed to flawlessly parry and riposte me into oblivion. Well, this time when I did it to kindle the bonfire in the Painted World and got invaded…I won! I had entered the painting with a hefty chunk of souls and was a little worried about losing them, but thankfully this guy came along and gave me all I needed to put another level in. Thanks, Dark Spirit Dantelogan!

Hahahah, invading people before they go after Norm Ornstein & Seinfeld is really mean. That’s the only part of the game I remember constantly gulping down humanity, so that I could summon the NPC for that fight.

I was trying to think of the popular invasion locations in DS1 and that is the primary one. I think I have been invaded in the lava area after you drain it and before the first boss in that area as well. Also in the area before you enter the Four Kings.

You should be ready for the DLC by now. You probably will have to look up how to enter it. I could tell you but I would probably get something wrong. You need an object and a certain location.

Invading I’m upper Blighttown is way more fun. Half the time the other player dies before you even find them 😂

I have now now been invaded three times in the painted world by Dantelogan. Each time he brings a different weapon to the fight. I admire his enthusiasm. Thanks for helping me to another level, buddy!

Sometimes it’s not the weapon. :)

I joined the Forest Hunter covenant. Man, I loved these area defense covenants in DS3, and it’s just as fun here. Within half an hour of slipping the ring on I’ve been summoned three times, once with another hunter. Two victories and one loss to a guy wearing Smough’s set. Great times.