Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor

True, but having seen her you would know by the tail.

She runs a covenant, in a tower behind the Anor Londo bonfire. You get there by crossing an invisible path in the sky.

Oh, Captain Yorshka. I actually didn’t notice she had a tail, or if I did I didn’t think anything of it and don’t remember.

There are lots of things I don’t notice!

You blew through two great bosses in the DLC, but there are still more! That’s why it’s so good.

Yea, I had forgotten about the first boss in the DLC which is actually a pretty good boss.

Good lord, I fought it this morning and had already forgotten about it. It actually managed to kill me more times than Artorias did (it killed me one time).

I do not know what is wrong with my memory sometimes. I really am enjoying the game, the DLC included. Just a couple of rough spots. I have obtained the final lord soul but am refraining from sticking it in the vessel until I have finished with the DLC.

Artorias wasn’t the best boss because he was hard, but because it’s just a plain enjoyable fight. I guess if you found him a walkover then you wouldn’t agree, but at the time I faced him I’d only ever played Dark Souls, so he was one of the hardest things I’d faced up to that point, and I got through it with grim determination and no summoning help. It was just pitched perfectly for my skill level at that time. Manus, on the other hand, who you have presumably yet to face, was just bullshit. I never beat Manus, although I couldn’t find a human summons to help, only an NPC one (which did not help).

Manus is a pushover, don’t let krok scare you. :)

Kalameet, on the other hand, is a pretty tough fight. The challenge is to first get his tail (so you can make a super weapon out of it) and then get him.

I thought Artorias was neat. I’m just sad he was towards the beginning of the DLC rather than at the end. It is named for him, after all.

I guess I am sort of glad I played the games in order for maximum experience/reference/allusion but I never thought Atrorias was a particularly hard fight.

Manus and Kalameet on the other hand are the pain train.

I tend to agree, but mainly because of my weakness at doing anything with my left hand on the controls. The game gives you a tool to fight Manus, but you have to be able to switch to it and use it and the correct time, and I could never do that. And yea, the summons while cool is within the boss arena and more of an emotional summons than a real help.

Now I have beaten Manus every time I have done the DLC. There is a tremendous cheese method of killing Manus that doesn’t even require you to enter the boss arena.

I do think if DS1 is your first game then Artorias is much more of a challenge, simply because he is so unlike any other boss.

I have never beat Kalameet. Kalameet and Midir are the only two bosses I have never beat. Kalameet is probably the “easier” of the two. I just suck in that fight.

Probably? God, I hope so. Midir was epic in every way.

Are you talking about the Silver Pendant? I found that and have been practicing with it against the big darkball tossers, to pretty good results.

Woooow, ok. I just hit Manus, and this guy feels like a DS3 boss, only my guy still moves like a DS1 character. Yikes.

Yes. I could never use it effectively because I simply am terrible at working the left side of the controls. I get in a fight and look down and find out I have taken off my shield or switched my estus to throwing knives.

But if you can use the pendent it will come in handy fighting Manus.

Ha, I completely forgot about that, and also that I shamefully resorted to using it after days of multiple deaths. I can report that it wasn’t very satisfying, but by that stage I didn’t really care.

And no, I didn’t beat Kalameet either. Didn’t even get his tail weapon. That’s something that seems to have been lost in DS3 - no tail weapons.

Agreed. But by that late in the game you just want him dead.

Wow, Manus down. Not sure I could have done it without Sif occasionally distracting him so I could gulp an estus. The pendant was super helpful. Like, almost indispensable. What a fight. Good boss.

Edit: And then I hung around and helped someone else do him, too. That is really just the best. I love that so much. Gonna do it again tomorrow.

I’m impressed. Clearly I need your assistance with some DS3 bosses later!

That gif is amazing. I actually did wear Artorias’s armor and carry the Cleansing Greatshield into the battle, too.

I’ve been waiting to post it all day. ;)

Congrats. That is truly a tough fight and that you did it solo, well, praise the sun.