Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor

O ye of little faith

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Wow. Really? Is this still true? Ummm, well, it’s…something. Really something.

Talk about the most involved out of the way hidden secret area in a game since…ever

Yeah, I got to the end of Dark Souls Remastered and said wait, wasn’t there supposed to be someplace called Ash Lake? But I have not replayed.

Every DS game has at least one area that most players miss on their first play thru. Ash Lake is probably best missed the first time thru the area became of the pain in getting out of the area.

Getting to Melania in Elden Ring might give Ash Lake some competition in my book.

Well, to be fair, so did FromSoft.

It isn’t a problem if you have the Lord Vessel already.

Ash Lake is sanity blasting awe after the journey that rivals descending blight town/catacombs to get there.

I haven’t played Elden Ring (Or Sekiro) yet but:

Dark Souls 3’s Untended Graves and Bloodborne’s “Source of the Dream” don’t really even come close.

Dark Souls 2 doesn’t have an extra special secret area that makes your mind explode…that I can remember. If it does it wasn’t very memorable.

Demon’s Souls doesn’t either per se, barring its world tendency area / npc encounters which don’t really count / are their own thing.

There are those areas behind the lock stone doors that lead to PvP zones. They make my mind explode with the joy of multiplayer shenanigans!

Yeah, those don’t really count and are just bad.

DS3 has the dragon area. DS2 opens with two ways to get to the Bastille and many peopole never do the pirate themed one. Also there is the area with the gargoyles, not amazing but hidden. And the Darklurker area. But yea, no large beautiful area to to find.

And what I meant by first visit was pre-Lord Vessel since your first trip in the area you won’t have it yet. You have to kill the spider lady first.

None of those things are what I was really getting at…

When I said extra special secret area I meant it had some kind of significant world building impact within setting of the game itself that injected a sense of wonder, if that makes sense.

That’s why I mentioned Untended Graves and The Source of the Dream as Ash Lakes contemporaries. But maybe I am crazy.

Special places. I think I get where your going. I had forgotten that the Untended Graves were DS3 and hidden, but yea, they are behind a hidden door.

At least unlike The Great Hollow it wasn’t TWO hidden doors back to back.

And you ain’t anywhere near Ash Lake yet sucker. That shit is a deep secret.

Imagine somehow finding it all on your own, no hints or guides. What an amazing feeling of discovery it must be.

I have seen Let’s Plays where the person found it on their own, or at least got to where a hidden path message might alert them.

Good news everyone! They haven’t totally abandoned the game after taking it offline!

I would think DS 3 would come back online first due to the number of people playing it before it went offline. Since the story doesn’t have a date when that might happen I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting.

When it does come back it would probably be a good time for playing co-op what with most people playing ER still.