Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


I’ll probably buy this for Xbox and Switch. Dark Souls on the go is so appealing.


Ash Lake was perfect as-is. One of my favorite levels.


Looks like it will be $40 on consoles.


It’ll be hard to resist, but I probably will. I just put way too much time into this game on both the PS3 and PC to get the platinum trophy and review it on PC. Probably 600 hours. That said, I didn’t play as much of the DLC as I would have liked, so…


And Anor Londo could do with a couple more knight archers near the ramp.


The DLC is the best part.

I’m only re-buying this if I make a contract with myself to stop after Anor Londo. My OCD completionism took over last time.


I probably wouldn’t buy this. Once I get into the game the graphics don’t bother me at all.

I would rather they spent time on making Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne available for the PC.


I’d love that too, but it’s not a question of time – both of those were financed and published by Sony, so they’re very unlikely to ever show up anywhere else.


I thought I remembered there was a reason they weren’t on PC but I just couldn’t remember it. But hey, I can dream can’t I.


Demon’s Souls is the only Souls game that I actually played even more than Dark Souls (its 100% platinum trophy made me seriously consider never going for another, given how goofy long it took because of the randomness of some drops). I would definitely never play it again, while I give Dark Souls about a 15% shot.

Those two games burned me out so much that I haven’t been able to invest significant time in a Souls game since - Bloodborne was probably closest, as I killed the first few bosses including Father whatshisname. Didn’t kill any in DS2 yet, and only the 1st in DS3. I do love these games enough that I think I’ll eventually play through all 3 that I haven’t, but I needed some distance and now I’m not even sure where to start again.


Wow, you need to stop trying to 100% these games. I can imagine that taking the joy out of them. Especially Demon’s Souls, with it’s labyrinthine system of World whiteness or blackness and whatnot.


Maybe it was the need to 100% the game that burned you out. I know I have over 450 hours each in DS1 and DS2 and I don’t think I have 100% any one game.

Maybe you should just play them blind to start and accept whatever results you end up with. You will miss a lot, and you will die a lot, but it may free the games up for you.


Yeah, you guys are probably right. The world whiteness/blackness in Demon’s Souls was very worthwhile seeing though - it was endlessly farming for reagent slabs in Demon’s Souls that really killed me. Dark Souls was relatively efficient by comparison, although it took a couple of playthroughs.


I believe based on some play thrus I have watched that 100% DS3 would be agonizing. Certain covenant items would literally take forever.

I recently got DS2 SOFTS and figure to give that a run soon. As for DS3, I have made 2 runs, about 130 hours, and keep hoping the DLC will drop in price. Maybe by next Christmas.


Awesome, looks like I’ll be running through this again!


Are they going to give original owners the remastered edition for free, like Skyrim? I’m guessing they aren’t going to, and will try to milk money from us again.

Yeah, the original Dark Soul on PC is pretty bleak graphically when I was playing (or trying to play) last year. All the different shades of low-fi grey sort of blend into each other.


The main thing that keeps me from going back to Dark Souls is how janky the port is, so I’m actually on board with a remaster.


There’s a rumor about a loyalty discount, and they did it for DS2 as well. Probably a good chance.


I’ve done 100% of every single Soulsborne game. It was mostly lots of fun. I don’t think any of them requires grinding that is that bad, but maybe it’s just the illness speaking, y’know?

The worst bit I think is the pure bladestone from Demon’s Souls, but you could circumvent that by having someone drop an item for you.

Don’t care much about a straight remaster, myself. As you can see, I’ve already played the games inside and out.


It wasn’t actually the covenant items which broke me, it was replaying the game 3 times to get all the stupid rings. The second time was barely worth it since they made little effort on rebalancing the enemies and added no new placements (unlike Dark Souls 2 which did a great job there) and the third was just torturous but I felt like at that point I had committed so I might as well get the trophy to reward it.