Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


Would be great if coop would work as fine as in Dark Souls 3 with the password system. Any chances?


It wasn’t that bad if you were wearing droprate gear. I always got a kick out of bluebro summons that had the mimic heads on, lmao.

I’m probably skipping this remaster though. On one hand, I want them to keep the gameplay from the original because it’s still the best in the series, but on the other there’s really no point in playing again if the changes are only going to be on the engine side.


My worry is this: I loved Dark Souls. Loved it a lot. The level design was so cool! Remember the first couple of times you took elevators that SOMEHOW dropped you back at firelink? So cool. But since that time there’s been DS2, DS3, Bloodborne. I just got done with a couple of play throughs of DS3 (Really like that one in the series, but no, not going to eve 100% all those covenants…) After advancements in the formula, will DS1 hold up to my rose tinted glasses view of the game?

P.S. the Steam Winter Sale like tripled the number of people playing DS3 on PC. So if you are interested in getting it done, now is the time. I highly recommend it.


Honestly, what advancements? The series was birthed pretty close to perfect right out of the gate with Demon’s Souls.

Covenants are just annoying padding, as far as I’m concerned, but I don’t care much about the multiplayer aspect of Souls. What else changed? Forging got slightly more logical? You can wear more rings? Charge attacks?


Everything is so much smoother. Dark Souls is okay, Demon’s is pretty janky.

The movesets are a lot better too. I’m not sure if there’s any decent strike weapon moveset in Dark Souls.

Bonfire warping is so much better for Souls veterans who have already experienced the Dark Souls challenge and just want to get on with things now. It’s still kind of fun for the first 10 hours though.


Yeah, there were quite a few “qol” changes since Demon’s, with some backsteps occasionally. Whether warping and shorter boss runs are “better” is debatable. Certainly most contemporary gamers would view it that way.


My take has always been that you can’t recreate that sense of dread that millions of gamers had when they first experienced Dark Souls. They’re series veterans now and it wouldn’t be the same. So why bother trying? You’re just left with the inconvenience.


I would think that take applies more to the late game of a single iteration. DS is a shell of itself if its just systems and no dread, imo. But, I’m pretty much with you as a player of games in these times when there are so many to “get through”, so many new shinies, so many other sources of dopamine burst.


I just hope they never go back to the system of Dark Souls 2, where they stop spawning enemies eventually. Getting through area after area of that game by depopulating it was very demoralizing as a player.


There can be other feelings. DS2 was sadness/loss. Bloodborne was horror. DS3 was, umm, hmm… maybe that’s why it wasn’t very memorable. Nostalgia?


I forgot you needed three play thrus just to get the rings. I don’t think in my NG++++ play thru of DS1 I have all the rings yet.


Had I ever bought and played the games when they first came out I would probably have loved more multi-player. Even as late as I got into DS3 I spent hours being summoned by others for Boss fights.

I do kind of like the DS1 way of having to wait until you get past a certain point though. Being able to warp right away seemed like putting things on easy.

When I first played DS1, my first DS game, I never “ran” to Boss fights, I fought everything in the way. I think I was half way thru the game before I realized you could just run past all that.

I didn’t play Bloodborne, so the increased speed by some enemies in DS3 caught me by surprise, but I do think it was a great add. It did slightly change the combat, at least for me.


I enjoyed DS3 and some of the call backs were nice, but I thought they went a little to call backy.


Absolutely! Dread is manifold. And agreed about DS3.


Oops, never mind my prior analysis.


If there isn’t a discount on the PC version, I think what I’d like to do is get this on the Switch. It would be really cool to have a mobile version of Dark Souls, I think.


Just remember it’s 30 fps!


That’s not going to bother me. I play PC games at 144hz and I play PS4 games at 60hz and I’ve played games at 30hz as recently as this last weekend, and while 60hz is obviously better, it’s not like 30hz is in any way unplayable. The appeal of being able to go anywhere in the house, or out on the porch when it gets warm again, and play Dark Souls is incredibly high.


True. A cigar completes the experience.



Interns might not have their stories straight.