Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


The trilogy box announced in Japan also looks pretty:


I’ve always found the idea of “collectors editions” of software to be super weird.


I don’t mind that they exist, but I’m just totally not the right customer for them. Like, I’m only going to be interested in all the extra crap if I absolutely LOVE the game. But I won’t know how I feel about the game until after I’ve purchased it and played it. I kind of wish they’d sell the extra crap separately without the game.

(Weirdly, this is the case where all of the games have already been released, so I already know whether I want the extra crap… but then I’m still paying a second time for 180 dollars worth of software that I’d rather not).

Add to that, most of the time you’re getting statues, bookends, art books, keychains… I have to wonder who the audience is that really loves that kind of stuff.


I would never pay for that, but I would love those bookends.


I admit that despite my previous comment, a fallout bobble head sits in my office as we speak.


Someone just reposted this on Reddit, and damn if it doesn’t make me laugh every time I see it.


now imagine that at 4K. the funny bone boggles.


Man, this thread is the best. I’m having a lot of fun reading of our adventures through this game together.

I laughed out loud at this:

I honestly have no recollection of this. Did I make this up? Plant people that hug you? Heh.


Yes. It’s really more of a forward leaning grope. They put both hands - uh, tendrils - up and then sort of half lunge forward. If it hits, it hurts. Lots.


I read through most of our adventures today. I’d forgotten most of this stuff.

It’s interesting how we posted here. All of us were kind of vague, because we were aware there were people behind us who hadn’t gotten to certain parts yet, so you phrased things so that only people who have seen it know what you’re talking about. Reading those things now, almost two years later, certain things I remembered immediately, while others didn’t ring a bell until I got to another post later that referenced things in more detail.

It was a great drive down memory lane.

I love how I praised Sen’s Fortress, and then Krazykroc is all Grrrrr, I hate Sen’s Fortress so much. And then slowly the descriptions filled in the parts I needed for my brain to remember that part of the game.

And then my favorite part of the game, trying to beat Knight Artorias:


Blighttown is dumb.

Your reflections are reminding me of all the reasons I shouldn’t buy the remaster!


I don’t think I can do it again. I’m not sure I want to do it again. Dark Souls is one of my top two or three favorite games, but I burned out after DS2 and Bloodborne (I still never really got into DS3), and besides, nostalgia is a bitch.


I played Dark Souls twice again last summer and was thinking about playing it this year anyway. Bonus that I’ll be able to take it with me.


started replaying it on my PS3 this week … it still does look good. I am not sure if I should by the Remaster … maybe for the online features (summoning help) … also the new network coop password system will be included, so that could be cool, playing it coop with a friend


on what platform will everybody replay DS remaster ? I would go for the PC version (should be cheaper too)


I’m not sure. I played the original on PC. I might do this one on Xbox maybe. In the original Dark Souls, I did simultaneously play the 360 version up to the Gaping dragon. One thing I noticed was that the online community was really hopping in that one. Lots of messages everywhere, unlike the PC version. I liked that.


I will be buying the Switch version because portable Dark Souls.

I will be buying the PS4 version because couch, frames, playerbase, having all of the games on one console and wanting to make Dark Souls my second platinum trophy. My first platinum trophy was Dark Souls. I don’t generally care about trophies, but Dark Souls is the exception to many things in life.

In a year or so when the PC version is on a decent Steam sale I’ll probably pick it up because Dark Souls.


Switch all the way baby! Dark Souls anywhere.

I’ll probably also get the PC version in the future. Dark Souls still has its problems with frame rate and resolution on PC. I’d love to own a smoother version of it (but definitely not at retail price).


So I hadn’t thought of that. This will split what few players are still playing between the original DS and the remaster?


Perhaps. But I think if you’re still playing OG Dark Souls after all this time, you probably love it enough to pick up the remaster.