Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


Yeah, this, for sure.

I actually played both, but SotFS I played entirely in co-op with @ShivaX and playing DS in co-op mode is very much easier than playing solo, and since Dark Souls 2 SotFS overall made co-oping with a friend a lot easier (possible) over DS1 that’s probably why I felt it was easier. Though I did beat DS2 vanilla at launch by myself (I mean, I summoned NPC’s and the odd random player of course, but didn’t play through with Shiva that first time) and still found it overall a better and more level experience than DS1. SotFS was a big jump in difficulty, and I don’t know if I could have solo’d that (I mean, I guess eventually, but would I before I got frustrated and gave up, having already beaten in twice at that point…? Probably not.)

Speaking of, does anyone know if they are keeping the same co-op (completely random) in Dark Souls remastered, or going to a more Dark Souls 3 model where you and a friend can just have the same password and “friends only” options set in the menu? I want this on PC if I can co-op it with Shiva (at last) but if that’s not the case, I’m curious about getting this on the Switch.


It had the opposite effect on me. If you look at the hours played, I spent about half the time in DS2 than I did in DS1. But it felt like a longer slog. The de-spawning enemies and more frequent summons meant that it felt like the game defeated me. Instead of learning how to get past an area and its enemies like I did in DS1, the game started de-spawning enemies right as I felt like I started getting a handle on how to beat them. I used the summons more often because of that feeling of constantly being beaten by the game, and overall I guess you’re right, I got stuck less than in DS1, but in DS1 overcoming that felt much more satisfying. I felt like I overcame challenges. In DS2 it felt like the game helped me out more with summons and by de-spawning because I couldn’t handle it.

OTOH, I never played DS2 vanilla, only SOTFS, so maybe the same wasn’t the case with the base game.

The other big difference is that each time I got stuck in DS1, it was usually on a boss. And fighting it and learning to overcome the fight was something I really relished and enjoyed immensely. In DS2 I got stuck more often on common enemies, not on bosses, which was much more demoralizing for some reason.


I totally agree. After struggling thru DS1 I was prepared and experienced enough to get through DS2 without any great roadblocks. I must have spent days trying to get past O&S the first time in DS1.



I guess this is the downside of coming to a series late. The upside is that you get the game cheaper, with all the DLC already included, but on this rare occasion you also get a much harder game.

The other case I can think of is Gothic 2. By the time I got to it, it was already a different game with the DLC built in, making the game harder from the beginning.

You guys are actually making me envious. Maybe I should have somehow tracked down vanilla DS2 instead of SOTFS.

I will do my part and encourage all newcomers to the game not to get the SOTFS edition. I certainly didn’t like the two DLC areas I tried, so that part wasn’t worth it for me anyway.

Edit: Oh hey, I just thought of another one: DiRT Rally, upon Early Access release, had a much gentler learning curve than the final game, because the final game had added much harder locations like Finland and Sweden, and even the hard tarmac track in Germany.


I am playing SOTFS now for the first time, I got a new PC enabling me to play it last fall. In playing it I actually came across areas where I wondered how someone new to the game would be able to handle it. Heides Tower is such a place now, the constant appearance of the Pursuer and the explosive power of the Priestesses. But I think some areas are easier.

I also think there are way too many petrified enemies blocking doorways. And some are in places where it makes no sense story wise or enemy wise.


I remember so many times when I got stuck in SOTFS, you said, “just do such and such”, and I was thinking… er, what is Scuzz talking about? That’s not even possible.


I have been trying to keep up on the Steam conversation, but it seems like the info changes all the time. If it comes out at $20 for people who already own it on Steam I will probably buy it when it releases just to be part of the surge that will return to the game. But otherwise I may pass it up. I don’t mind the old graphics.


I haven’t seen any changes to bosses but there are some big changes to some areas. They even added some DS3 speed type enemies, I just came across some in the Undead Crypt.


This is the biggest lie of Dark Souls. I’ll never forget complaining about them on here (and the long annoying run to the boss) only for some Souls vet to sneer that the gargoyles are one of the easiest bosses, and they only get harder from there.

Nope. Any time you have two enemies in a Souls combat system, it’s really hard. The camera and mechanics just don’t work well for it. Nowadays of course it’s “easy” because I know how to burst one down to almost nothing before the second one shows up. But I still think in a vacuum that they are one of the top 3-5 hardest bosses in the game (not counting DLC).


Well, I also found DS2 easier than DS1, and I only played SOTFS. But it’s not black and white. In DS1 I found things like the gargoyles and O&S extremely difficult, but I really, really, really wanted to beat them, so I kept trying, kept getting closer and closer, and eventually succeeded. Motivation was lower overall with SOTFS, but there were some bosses which I beat first time (Ruin Sentinels, Old Dragonslayer, Mytha, Covetous Demon, possibly others) which was never the case in DS1. The optional bosses (and DLC ones) were another story! Yes, the gargoyles in DS2 were nuts, gave up on those. Same for all the DLC bosses.

I definitely enjoyed DS1 quite a bit more than DS2, I felt the game was more cohesive and a better experience for the player, but that’s not because it was easier.


I don’t disagree. However, the early bosses in Dark Souls are master classes in game design, in that they teach you the systems you need to learn to be successful later in the game.

Asylum Demon teaches you to use the terrain to your advantage and exploit bosses weaknesses. Taurus Demon teaches you that lesson again, and then to get inside the reach of large enemies. Gargoyles teaches you how to handle 2 tough opponents at once, to plan your attacks and look for openings. Capra Demon teaches you the value of poise and armor, or he forces you to learn to dodge rather than shield block every attack.

Once you understand those game mechanics those bosses are “easy”.


It has DS3 style multiplayer with passwords and up to six players in a session.

Hoping for a UI update since that thing is a third of the screen. Other than that I’m pretty much expecting it to look like the PC version with DSFix. Oh, and probably reworked trophies to include the dlc maybe? Since it’s all one game now.


Oh, fucking excellent. Thanks!




Nothing about price though. I have been keeping up with the Steam discussion on this and it appears it will be priced as a new game now. Hopefully they return to the idea of discounting it for current owners of the original version.

I don’t know how many people will buy it for the PvP or graphics.

But, the temptation to buy it when it comes out and playing it in a world flush with people is strong.


I’m in just for the ability to actually co-op it with a friend (like you can do with 2 and 3 but never could with this) and the actual server based online rather than P2P. Plus they basically retroactively fixed the stuff in it that was later fixed in 2 and then 3, so it’s going to be the best version of itself. If it’s $40 it will be a more than fair price, but if it’s $60 that might be a tougher pill to swallow, sure. Though I imagine it would be obtainable at around $48 from the usual places even in that case.


The UI scaling will be nice. DSfix had it too but it was glitchy.


All my hype went out the window last night when I watched vaatividya’s preview video. Kinda glad that this bullshit got called out in the comments, the original with Dsfix looks better in comparison. Animated leaves? Whoopdiefuckingdo. New lighting is garbage and makes things look washed out, like someone poured dirty water all over the screen.

I actually had to check the upload date on the video because it felt like an April Fools joke to me.


It definitely creates a different visual look in certain cases. Sometimes better, sometimes worse.


I always thought that the PS3 version is still good looking … maybe the most important improvement is frame rate and online coop (DS3 like) … this is with the DLC right? Never went there, heard it was pretty good …