Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


It’s really good newbrof. I don’t want to oversell it, but it was my favorite fights in the game. It took what was good about the fights in the base game and ramped up the skill requirements with fights that had you use the best aspects of the main game’s combat.


The DLC gives you perhaps one of the best bosses in the game, and also two of the toughest. I am not a lore fiend but it probably plays an important part in that as well.


The lighting in DS2 SOTFS became such that the torch mechanic was required in some areas. I would hope DS1 didn’t get so dark in some areas as to be almost unplayable, since there are no torches.




That is a fair point. DS1 had an entire section of the game that was pitch black by design.

I think the real test will be footage of Blighttown. It’s the next darkest area of the game, but you should still be able to make most things out.


I think the new version looks pretty much the same to me. I think if it plays at 60fps it will be fun to revisit Dark Souls at some point. I’m definitely enjoying having the better framerate on PS4 Pro in a lot of games.

I wish it also included a remaster of Demon’s Souls as well though. Oh well, maybe someday.


60 fps on a regular ps4?


I was thinking of Blighttown when I wrote the post above. By that time I am not sure you have means of lighting the world on your own.

That is also the area most people complained about the graphics/rate problems.


Any excuse to post a Dark Souls Nope gif ;)


50% discount, and old version will be delisted from the store.


Doesn’t seem that huge of a difference for graphics. And it’s funny seeing the bosses and locations again, the locations and routes and hours spent on them are still burnt in my brain even though it’s been a few years since I finished.


With the discount I will buy the new version. I suspect a few weeks of heavy action on the new version which would be fun. But no way was I paying $40 for a game I already have several hundred hours in.

I have never been in on the new release of a DS game, so this will be as close as I ever get probably.


Oh it’s definitely not a big difference compared to dsfix. The main draw for PC players is more people in multiplayer on dedicated servers, plus a fresh community playing the game.

You pay $20 and have an excuse to replay Dark Souls. That’s about it.

I’ll be playing, at least halfway through.


Well also if it performs as promised we’ll get a solid 60fps without the side effects that come with increasing frame rate in DSFix. I’m all for that. Even with a decent PC I’ll get hiccups with DSFix installed.


The remaster is out on Steam already for some reason.


Yup, Gamergate is advertising it as well.


Reviews are mixed. A lot of people are saying the ha><0rs are everywhere and their invasions are sometimes getting the invaded soft-banned.


I don’t know what that “ha><Ors” means but I had a feeling this would be the case. If I do end up getting the game (Friday late at the earliest) I figure to level up way more than normal early on just to be ready for some action.


I really recommend against playing Dark Souls on PC for this reason. The rate of poor multiplayer experience is an order of magnitude higher than on the console versions.


Yeah I’m ignoring PvP but I’m having fun with co-op and doing things a little differently than I usually do. I’ve played the game a bunch of times but I haven’t actually looked up all the sidequests and stuff like I have for DS2 and DS3.