Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


So it’s just like the first one.


I think the multiplayer experience is overall more stable, though.


Now would be a good time to play through DS3 on PC while all the kids are trying to troll DS: Remastered.


…and break time already! I beat O&S and I think I’m done for now. I just played this with the item randomizer mod a few months ago (went to every level and beat every boss) so I’m pretty burned out.

I wonder if we’ll get some nice mods for this. Graphical enhancements might work better than they did in dsfix.

Overall it’s really solid. No technical issues. Just start it up and play.


I bought the remaster and have about 2 hours okaying it and I am done. It keeps crashing, I can’t finish the Tauraus Demon fight. I have asked Steam for a refund.

My PC had no trouble with DS3 or SOFTS so I can only assume it is DS:R that is the problem.


I picked this up on the PS4 with the intent of finally finishing it, but I find it soooo intensely frustrating–despite having beaten DS2, DS3, and Bloodborne. This is still leaps and bounds more difficult for me than any of those. I’m really considering putting it down again despite not having even made it back to the Gaping Dragon yet, but I feel like I need to spend a little bit more time with it as I dropped $40 on the remaster.


What are you having trouble with? I went an unconventional route myself through the game, beat my head against it for a long time when I should have been exploring more, backtracking more, experimenting more with equipment. The game is vast, I eventually found I could usually go do something else when I hit a wall.


There isn’t a specific point I’m beating my head against, but more the aggregate of little things like caught on the geometry, flubbing hits when my sword clips the wall in narrow corridors, those damn poisoned rats beneath the drake, etc… And I just feel that I struggle against the game and controls far more than I do any other in the series. The moment to moment gameplay just isn’t fun to me in the way that the others (excepting Demon’s Souls, which I haven’t played) are. I really want to finish this to have finished it, but the more I play, the more I want to just fire up DS2 or Bloodborne instead.


It’s the same game so just quit when you’re sick of it. I skipped Blighttown and the Depths because I didn’t want to deal with them.


The Depths is my bane. I’ve put the game down twice because of constantly getting lost on my run from the bonfire to the Gaping Dragon.


Knowing the depths shortcut makes it a much easier run through but first time without knowing anything you get lost easily, especially if you fall into the basilisk den like I did.

The Shortcut: Somewhat hidden drop point behind the first butcher in the first large room leading to the giant rat chamber. Run pass/kill the rat and slide down the ramp/waterfall on the far left side and you’ll automatically clear the gap to slug room/boss-antechamber/blight-town antechamber. If you run up the stairs instead of down to the boss from the slug room you can open the shortcut to the bonfire effectively bypassing 90% of the depths


Huh. That one is new to me–thanks!


Yea, look for the shortcut. I have played this enough to where I should be able to tell you exactly where it is but I can’t. I think it is in the area around the Giant Rat. Also, the poisonous rats are the best place in the game to farm humanity. Learn to like them. Another thing, areas like this point up the need for having more than one kind of weapon. Some are better then others in tight spaces.

Finally, depending on your starting gift you can totally avoid Blightown dropping down another way. It can still be difficult but nearly as frustrating. You need a certain key to open a certain gate down in the area before New Anor Londo.


those damn poisoned rats beneath the drake

I hate them, too … but they are part of the world. How many times I was poisoned by those little buggers, I don’t know … but I would miss them.
And whenever I go into the tomb area, I mumble to myself, rage, rage against the dying of the light (and equip my lantern)


It’s a good thing(?) that all of my copies of this game are digital, because I’d probably be snapping the disk into pieces at this point. I’ve loved the other games in this series, but I can’t stand this one. I think I’m done.


Where are you stuck at? What boss is kicking your ass? :)


It’s not even a boss–I’m in Blighttown at the first bonfire and it’s more just the level geometry and moving through the spaces. At every step of the way, it feels like I’m getting caught on corners that I shouldn’t, or being held up or hit by an enemy that didn’t seem to touch me at all.

I’ve made it through all of the succeeding entries in the series without problems anywhere near this, and it’s no longer fun. Or even satisfyingly frustrating. It’s just unpleasant now.


Blightown is by far the worst area in any Dark Souls game. I don’t remember if you are playing the remastered version or not but I imagine it is even darker in that version.

Do yourself a favor before you quit. Check out somebodies play thru on youtube of the area. Try ENB or Kay Plays (she does blind play thrus) and see how they get out of the area. Also, don’t think you need every shiny in the area.

But yea, this area is bad. Not just because it’s tough but you can get lost and at least in the original version the quality is bad, bad screen rates etc.

Also, poison sucks.


Blighttown was the weakest part of the game by a fair margin, but it improves dramatically once you get out of that whole system. On my initial playthrough I quit at the Gaping Dragon partially because I wasn’t enjoying those sewers. Blighttown extends the misery for a bit longer, but it does improve. A lot. I didn’t find it all that far between bonfires down there either, at least not by taking it slowly and carefully. I think once I got into the groove of how to take it slowly and avoid getting poisoned, it wasn’t really all that bad.


I liked Blighttown, it wasn’t that bad … and I survived and I was happy when I rang that second bell … it opened Sen’s Fortress and that was tough… those effing blades of doom … and I never found the bonfire in Sen’s fortress or very, very late … took me hours, then I got to Anor Londo and O&S … farming for humanity, just to be able to summon help… good times