Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


I think you could say that Sen’s Fortress is where the game really starts. Although the boss before that second bell can be interesting the first time you meet her.


bloody Capra Demon, I hate you … it took me 2 hours including the 2 min. walk each time to get to him… replaying on PS3. Interestingly, the servers are still online and there is no PS+ membership for ps3. Online was/is free on the PS3 …

Unfortunately, nobody around for helping (I took got help for the gargoyles… and helped some others on it).

As a thank you, I usually hang around a bit and set my summoning sign, in case someone needs help. Could assist on the Capra demon, that guy seemed happy after we finished him in 30 sec


It’s more fun to solo all the bosses :-) Well… I don’t have any other experience. But this boss will remain one of my special gaming moments… It took me a whole morning. I said to myself I’ll stop playing this stupid game and stupid games likes this if I’d ever beat that idiot of a Demon. Well… turned out to be my 2nd favorite game to date.
A whole morning. A it was snowing outside.


One of the beauties of Dark Souls is that one person’s nightmare roadblock is someone else’s cakewalk. In my case, the Capra demon was no problem at all. But I’m sure the hardest ones for me (O&S) took someone else 5 minutes.


All players are supposed to on DS1 Remastered now instead of the original version. For some reason the remastered version wouldn’t play on my “new” PC, the same one that plays DS3 without any problems.

With the Capra Demon you need to use the stairs. Run up them, kill the dogs, then jump attack the Demon and start over. He can also be killed by throwing a whole bunch of dung bombs over his door. :)


I know, the hard part is getting to the stairs … then you have to kill the dogs. I killed him mainly with firebombs and drop attacks. I killed the male merchant to get his Katana, now I cannot buy anymore firebombs. Guess I have to get some pyromancy… The gaping dragon is optional, I guess, but I still take the scenic route to Blighttown via the Depths … I decided to take the “easy” tour and use summons, if possible, especially for Queelag (hate spiders) … And I will try O&S for a while, but probably going to use help (hopefully someone is online)


Yeah, I got past Capra demon pretty easily on the PC run. Then a few weeks later, I had a hell of a time with Capra demon on my 360 run. There’s a certain amount of randomness to the behavior of the dogs and the demon that can make all the difference when you’re in there.


Yea, the dogs are the key. If you can get them then you can cheese the Capra Demon.

The Gaping Dragon is one of the easier boss fights. Just stay under him, but be prepared to run around him when he gets aggressive. The rats on the route getting to the Gaping Dragon are the best place to farm humanities.


I did a new DS run a couple of months ago and stalled at the Anor Londo Archers :(


just had to think, you beat this terrible boss Capra Demon, then you go into this shithole The Depths to fight rats, cursed frogs, wizards and the Gaping Dragon just to get to another shithole Blighttown and you wonder when it will ever get light again … At least Anor Londo is in the light (Queelag and Sen still to come … )


What’s funny is this is the FUN part of the game. I lose steam after Anor Londo just about every single time.


Even after numerous play thrus the freaking archers in Anor Londo are pretty much a guessing game. It seems to me the best bet is constantly moving, taking out the archers from below if you have a certain bow and poison arrows, or just rolling and hoping they miss.


Hmmm, I think the Demon Ruins is easily the worst area in the game with easily the worst bosses hands down.

Ceaseless Discharge (gimmick boss that is boring to fight normally)
Firesage Demon (copy of Asylum Demon etc, hilariously the best boss of the area)
Centipede Demon (AKA fighting a terrible camera)
Bed of Chaos (puzzle boss and arguably the worst boss in the entire series including Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne)

Not to mention the giant dino asses.

I highly doubt O&S was a cakewalk for anyone first time through. At least solo.


For some reason my pc couldn’t handle that fight very well and constantly freeze and when it came to, is be dead. I had to drop all the display options to ‘ugly’ to get through.


I never thought about it before, but this feels right to me.

This also feels very true.


I thought that was Lost Izalith? That whole area sucked.


It is. The whole thing just blurs together. The only saving grace is you don’t need to spend to much time there.


I think they had a good idea with the area, but they didn’t do a very good job of making it work. In NG+ you have to actually fight the Ceaseless Discharge and while you can still kind of cheese it the damn thing can one shot you. I am sure the Firesage Demon gives people trouble until they figure the moves out. And the Centipede Demon is just kind of weird. Somewhere I read that they had meant o do something more with the bouncing dinos but it just didn’t work out. And the area with the final boss, nice area but yea, a really stupid boss. It is the only boss in any DS game in which you literally can suicide in the first two times and your acts before dying don’t disappear.

The Four Kings is a pretty screwy fight as well.


a new Dark Souls mod that doubles the content, new areas, bosses and items, weapons… you need the old prepare to die edition on PC.


I will admit to not having read everything at that site so I may have missed the answer to this question, but do you have to play something like that offline to avoid being banned? Or does FROM not care anymore since they seem to have gone to the Remastered Version?

And how easy is installing something like that. I would love to try it.

I did see this at the link…

EDIT: I apparently set up some false expectations for a few people by explicitly saying there would be “twice as much content” as the original Dark Souls . By “content”, I meant “interesting things that will happen to you over the course of the game” (or more specifically, the number of game ‘events’ in the modded
code), and not literally twice the game areas, bosses, items, etc. I’ve removed that language to avoid any misperception.