Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


it looks like it has an installer… it is recommended to play offline due to issues with invasions, other than that it looks great in the stream, items are different places, different enemies as expected and some of the standard progression is different (the bells) etc … looks like a fresh start


It also contains no support for multiplayer (including co-op), and I strongly recommend that you play offline to avoid invasions . Being invaded by a player without the mod installed will lead to broken gameplay – and sadly, coding and testing the required network behavior for co-op on all of the new content (particularly bosses) wasn’t possible for me. You’re welcome to try co-op with someone who also has the mod installed, but things will likely not work out (and you should definitely play by yourself first). Aside from the Orange and White Sign Soapstones, all items have had their online functionality removed.

So that is why offline. You could crash things. But installing seems easy enough.

Download Daughters of Ash from the Nexus link above, double click it, and navigate to your copy of DARKSOULS.exe . This is usually found in Steam/steamapps/common/Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition/DATA . The installer will chastise you if you haven’t already unpacked your game’s files with the UnpackDarkSoulsForModding tool, which is very easy to use and essential for modding the game. My installer will also give you DSfix if you don’t already have it, and will make backups of your existing pre-mod game files for you to easily restore. The mod is, as you’ve probably guessed, completely incompatible with almost any other Dark Souls mod (including randomizers) , so please start with a fresh install of the game.


I want aware of DS mods other than dsfix.


There are so many.


Apparently there are. I don’t do any modding. In fact I think I have only ever used mods for one game, Baldurs Gate.


hanging around in Blighttown, actually it is not that bad once you get down to the second bonfire. Farming maggots for large titanite shards, hanging around with the pyromancer chick, getting the cloranthy ring, you know, basic stuff. Also the framerate, forget it, Jake, it’s Blighttown …


Are you playing the original version or the remastered version? I thought maybe the remastered would have fixed the problems in Blighttown.

My PC, for whatever reasons since it has no problem playing DS2, SOTFS or DS3, was unable to play the remastered version. It kept freezing up at the Demon on the wall fight.


PS3 … still some online players, helping each others ;) I want to play the remastered on PC after this run.

This time I took Mildred with me fighting queelag, now I am a bit said leaving Blighttown behind


Sen’s Fortress again. I decided to practice parry, and there are 2 serpent dudes that are willing to help me out. They are really good teachers, and they do not seem to have anything else to do. So my parrying is getting better …


Did you visit the area below the swamp?

I suck at parrying. I tried to learn but never could get the timing down.


below the swamp? you mean down the Great Hollow? No, just took the cloranthy ring…


The Great Hollow does have some good crafting materials.


What happened so far. Killed the Iron Golem solo on second attempt and left Sen’s Funhouse behind. Checked in into Anor Londo, tried solo O&S with help of Solaire, failed. Decided it was not worth it and summoned help. Helped others to overccome O&S … and this is on PS3, community still active, when you put down your summon sign in front of O&S it takes approx 10 min to get summoned … Also this run, I learned to love poise. Wolf ring + Black iron set + Eagle Shield and those silver knights in Anor Londo do not push me around anymore.

I researched a bit and decided to forge Queelags Furysword +5 … this changed my view of the Titanite Demon. Before that, I thought of it as a giant monster, best to run past. Now I see the Titanite Demon as a valuable resource, the demon titanite dispenser. I went back to Sen’s and killed those 4 demons below, remembered the room in Anor Londo with a Titanite and killed it. Now I have a +5 Furysword and am quite happy (Dex 40).

I think the Dukes Archives are pushing back a bit too much. Probably going the catacombs or new londo or maybe Darkroot, which I skipped this run

Also I want to go to the Painted World of Ariamis, but am still hesitant since you cannot go back until finished.
How populated is the Remastered version? I never got invaded on the PS3, probably because the invaders are all in DS3 or Remastered?


If you use a summons, even an NPC, you aren’t “soloing” the boss.

I don’t really know as it wouldn’t play on my system but the Steam Community for it is a large one and seems very active.


I am playing DS2 SOTFS. I killed the first 5 bosses I ran into solo on my first effort, they seem a little slow after all the time I have put into DS3. That includes the Pursuer (3 times) and the Ruin Sentinels. But those damn rats and the Rat Vanguard killed me 5-6 times before I finally beat them. :)


I am stuck in the Dukes… no warping, and the channelers remind me of Demons Souls, Tower of Latria channelers … hated those guys


What kind of build do you have?

I always have some kind of range weapon for enemies like the channelers. Otherwise you have to rush and be able to destroy them.


Current build never really matters in Dark Souls, does it? I switched back and forth between play styles throughout the game. Heavy on Poise, heavy on maneuverability, some range weapons, some magic, some miracles. I don’t think my character missed out on any particular play-style.


I never once soloed The Pursuer even after multiple attempts. In fact the only time I killed it was the obligatory boss encounter with 1-2 summons. I just couldn’t get the timing down or something. On the other hand, I solo’d the Ruin Sentinels and the Rat Vanguard first time. Not sure if this was down to build or playstyle, but I remember those parts.


The Smelter Demon is my Achilles Heal in this game. It took me forever but I finally learned how to handle the Pursuer and the Ruin Sentinels. But that freakin Smelter Demon, and then the Magic version in the DLC, they just eat me up.