Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


Well, only in so far as strategy. Going Dex and using a STR weapon or vice versa. There are some DS bosses where I really wonder how a Spell user could last long enough or hit hard enough, although those are mainly DLC bosses.

This play thru I am toying with the idea of switching to a spell caster towards the DLCs just to see how it works. I have solo’d DS1 and DS2 base games that way, but the flask switching seemed to me a recipe for disaster in DS3.


a dex 40, Str 25 build … Lucky, that I have my Furysword with me and can kill the enemies with 2-3 strikes. But I hope I can beat the Boss solo, only have 2-3 humanity for summoning.


DS is really like going from one sh*hole to the next … before Dukes, I was running through New Londo, looking for the very large amber … always fearing that my transienct curse expires during battle … I lowered the water level, got the ember and upgraded my Uchigatana to +14 … and since I was already near the Duke’s Archive, I went in testing and I thought I could warp out …


I probably mentioned this before but the rats in the sewer are great for farming humanity. Just go down from the bonfire far enough to kill the 4-5 in the corner and the 3-4 down to the left and then start over.


You mean the 4 Kings Boss, yea, that is probably the toughest boss fight of the big 4.


I really wonder why you think that. I’ve walked through NG+ using only magic on all the bosses. It is very strong. Basically easy mode. They didn’t nerf it that much from Demon’s Souls.

Bloodborne is really the only questionable From game in terms of a magic build.


I should have written “DS2 DLC and DS3 Bosses”. With DS1 and DS2 magic is almost overpowered. In fact with DS2 they give you consumables that allow you to regain already used spells. But in DS3 you have the choice of health or mana. Your spell use is limited by the amount of mana you have (it is called mana, right?).

Plus, the only thing I use a controller for is Dark Souls games. And I will admit to having “problems” using the left hand side of the controller. I don’t know if I have big thumbs or just bad coordination, but changing items with my left hand is a mess. Switching between health and mana during a fight would ruin me.


Well I have done complete magic runs of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 including DLCs. I guess I didn’t know exactly which one you were referring to but it did look like Dark Souls.

With DS3 magic, having 3 or 4 refills should suffice depending on the boss. You’ll probably need to re-calibrate the exact amount at times. I don’t think I ever needed more than 5 though.


Mostly because so much of the good stuff is located in the dlc behind some tough bosses. But man, once you get together a full broccoli-head squid-arm laser-nose getup it is good times.


Totally. But don’t you still have to play through a ton of the game without any viable offensive magic firing solution…? It seems like a kind of a weird late game power that requires too much investment without benefit through most of the game…granted I have never done the run.


I haven’t played Demon Souls or Bloodborne. Although my youngest bought a PS4 so I may look into Bloodborne now.


It’s Demon’s Souls. Apostrophe “s” please…This is important!


Bloodborne is quite a game - enjoy the ride!


this stupid Logan… always gets incarcinated. I rescued him twice now. I rested at the third bonfire in the Duke’s … and not far away I smashed some furniture and that stupid Logan was huddled there on the floor, looked like a vase to me, now we are no friends anymore. Stupid guy. Hope he gets arrested again.


If you visit that laughing guy in the Gargoyle bell tower and pay him a small fee, you can go back to being bros with Logan.


The phalanx creatures in the Painted World are far better for farming souls; they are low threat as long as you’re careful, there are lots of them, most of them drop humanity when killed, and the bonfire to respawn them is mere seconds away. I found it a lot more productive than the sewer rats.


Brass tacks. The skeleton babies in Nito’s antechamber AKA the infinitely re-spawning humanity harvesting factory.


I had forgot about them but yea, they are great farming.

Oops, both those ideas are good.


Which is important if you want to buy Logan’s crystal magic.


And see the end of his “quest” line which is one of the more bizarro ones.