Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


Agreed. Doesn’t the other mage go off looking for him under some circumstances?


no magic this run… a little bit pyromancy. Now leveling up is like 20.000 souls per level, I wonder if it is worth it to start leveling INT …


Yeah, if you buy all his spells after Logan leaves for Duke’s Archives. He ends up as a hallow in Sen’s Fortress.

Dark Souls wants to kill off every NPC you meet but it is generally avoidable(with some exceptions*) if you don’t buy out their inventories.

*Petrus will murder Rhea after two boss kills post-rescue from the Tomb of Giants. Petrus also never hallows.(Although I always kill him at some point) Also some people don’t know this, but you can get Ingward the seal guardian in New Lando to move to Firelike by talking to him after taking out Four Kings. He also never hallows, and is generally the sole survivor at Firelink by the end of the game (if I decide to kill Patches).


I did not know Ingward would move.


I finished Seath after 6-7 tries … that run to the boss was endless, royal forrest, crystal cave, invisible paths, skipping thoses giant man-eater oysters just to die at Seath after a minute… I did not enjoy that boss fight at all.

Then I learned that I need a ring to walk the abyss and had to kill Sif, and that fight took me a couple of tries, and Sif actually one shot me. Havel’s set helped me then.

The regular way to the Four Kings through New Londo ruins, was just too long and I remembered the Darkroot basin bonfire and the Valley of Drakes, which is way more faster and you can run past the drakes through the openes Gates (that were holding the water in new londo).

And Havel’s set was once again saving me, more or less button mashing through the end. But I had not enough DPS so that I usually had to fight two of them all the time. Took me 5-6 times, but they are now dead (if they weren’t in the first place). New Londo is so confusing, I always get lost. I am glad I am out of that shi*hole …

I love what they did with the Abyss, it felt really strange and disorienting.

Now into the catacombs and tomb of giants. Glad I found a divine mace at some point before. I already killed Pinwheel and Nito some years ago, so I know what to expect (another shi*hole)

I have to admit, that my favourite bosses were O&S, Taurus, Golem, Gargoyles, Stray Demon (the second one, I needed the titanite slab) and Quelaag was OK.
I think the bosses that can one-shot you like Sif and Seath I did not like, and Capra was pretty bad, too.

I heard bad things about the Bed of Chaos, never went there … I think I don’t have the DLC on my PS3 version, not sure if it is available still…


Interesting. I killed Seath first time using my dragon strategy of “hack away at the tail, staying away from the bitey end, and run away if it looks like something nasty is going to happen”. Maybe I got lucky. Sif took me a while, mainly because I felt bad hacking away at the poor thing (plus, wolf with sword is awesome).

Bed of Chaos is so much bullshit, it really is. I hated that boss, died countless time (20?) trying to get it just right, ugh. At least O&S, which killed me a similar number of times, felt like it rewarded patience and skill.


Bed of Chaos is arguably the worst boss…in the entire series. Not sure why you were being one-shot by Sif and Seath though, unless I suppose your vitality was low, or with the case of Seath low curse resistance?

“Normally” no boss should be able to one-shot you provided your character is “appropriately leveled and equipped” and on the same token I suppose almost any boss can one-shot you if you are not, rather than “This boss is designed to be able to one-shot you”


to clarify, Sif “one-shot” me with his double sword swipe although I had my shield up. Not enough poise / stability maybe, it was the Grass-crest shield. I switched to a different setup

And with Seath I found my self too often in these cursed crystal spikes or what. There was a learning curve involved. Also, I tried to stay behind Seath later, the tail hit hard, but I could somehow manage it better

Looking forward to Pinwheel ;)


wohoo, Dark Souls remastered on steam 75% off … got it, hm hope to finish my PS3 run first … Pinwheel, Nito, Bed Of Chaos, Gwyn … done maybe 10-15 hours (with my tempo)


it seems like I killed 10 Taurus Demons, 5 Capra Demons, some giant worms… wow, here they hang around when they are not in Undead burg!

Ceasless Discharge took me a couple of tries, I did not know I shouldn’t touch the robes!
Fire Stray Demon was tough, but I did it. And I killed that Centipede on my first try!

I dabbled into the Tomb of Giants, but it was too hard so I went Demon Ruins / Lost Izalith first


The Bed of Chaos is really stupid. A puzzle boss and you die so quickly and you need two minutes to run back, endless… I figured half of it out, but looked up the middle thing.

I remember the dragon in Demon souls (was it in Latria?) a puzzle monster, but I liked it, but here they failed to entertain. I felt nothing when I finished it …

and I had to kill Solaire, bleh, and Siegmeyer wasn’t around, so I guess I botched his quest line, too…
Nito, the last lordsoul. I killed him ages ago, will see how it goes. Should I go to the painted world … before ? Takes a couple hours to go through if you want to collect everything


Painted World is one of the best parts of the game and has a very Demons Souls feel. There’s speculation that it was started in demons and carried over to dark.

Did you do the expansion stuff? It’s also really good.


I know the painted world from a different play … it is great. They did a fan service in DS3 with Ariandel.
I don’t have the DLS on the PS3, but I started a game as a sorcerer on PC remastered…


Is the remastered version worth it on the PC if I have the Prepare to Die edition? I don’t care about multiplayer at all really.


looks identical too me, but I need sometimes help, so I use the MP

wished somebody would help me on the PS3 with Gwyn … I have so many titanite chunks now ;)


My PC, which plays DS2 SOTFS and DS3 fine was not able to play DS1 Remastered for some reason. The Stray Demon fight would freeze up every time. But to play online you need DS1 Remastered.

The DLC for DS1 is great if only for the Artorias fight.


man, this effing Gwyn … I can parry the black nights, but I can’t parry him, he is too fast. And with blocking, he is draining my stamina so fast. And he hits 3-4 times in a row, usually I get hit with the last one because no stamina. Brutal.

I have 41 titanite chunks collected on my way, lots of black knight weapons … (I already have a Black Knight halberd +5 ) …

Solaire didn’t make it , to help me, went mad …


IIRC parrying him is kind of different than most enemies. You parry right as he starts the attack or something. Once you get it down he’s easier to parry than most things.

Or you can just beat him in the face without parries.


thanks, there is also the iron flesh tank method, that I might try


I stopped fighting those black knights, just running passed them… and new strategy: circle around that little rock and poke Gwyn. Tanking was not successful!