Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


Wait, you need to suffer a bit so you realize how dumb it is!

Hint: It’s an illusory wall somewhere on the bottom level. Look for messages.



Wait really? That doesn’t sound familiar. I wonder if I’ve just forgotten or if I never found this place.

Also Scott: I enjoyed my time in Blighttown too, so you’re not alone. We’ve both been made fun of by Tim James for enjoying Blighttown. It’s a club!



I would never make fun of anyone for having bad taste in level design.



Hmm, I found an Illusory somewhere near Q…is that it? Or are you talking, down down in the swamps?

Also, that last part of BT near the elevator/poison-mill was rough going. Freaking blowdart dudes everywhere!!

My brief stroll through the demon ruins ended right quick once a gigantic demon blob owned me. Think i’ll save that sucker for later. Had some weird name I can’t recall atm.



Look on the other side of the swamp from Quelaag’s lair.



This is torture :p



Shit. Back to Blighttown…



Look for a tree, more or less across from the bonfire, then explore and look for message, and don’t be afraid to hit a few tree trunks or tree interiors.

Vague but not to vague I hope.

Blightown in the original version was dark but had frame rate problems. It is probably the worst explore in the game, imitated by other areas in the sequels. There is a way to avoid it entirely, which is what I usually do in replaying the game.

Nice to hear there is a lot of action in the game. I think it came out last October or so? I just got an update on my video card so maybe I will try re-buying the game and seeing if that might have fixed my problems with it freezing.



The remaster was last May on everything but Switch. That was October.

It was already a revisit of Demons Souls 5-2, and a big improvement. This Blightown–with better draw distance and good framerate–is actually a really cool area but even in the base game it was more interesting than Lavatown.



Epic night. So much to write about. … . . . … … . . . … . . .

But FUCK the catacombs.



Catacombs, and where else?




I just…

can’t… . . . … … … . .

(and i’m trapped down here).



I can’t take this…

Rating 6



First run in with the bone wheels? They show up in each game but are the toughest in DS1. There is another area where you run across them where they can kick ass, but it is a little harder to find.

There is a spell that requires faith that is a great thing for the Catacombs. Puts a light on your head so you can keep a shield up for those damn archers.



Thanks to you jerkwads I installed this again. I’ve started it three or four times before but never got any further than Blighttown.



There is a means of avoiding Blightown. But it does involve getting past/fighting a Black Knight and getting past/fighting several Wyvern’s. It involves going right instead of left on the path to the Crystal Hydra.



So, friday night I played until 5 am. I don’t know how I did it, but the game just wouldn’t let me go.

Night started out well enough: went back to BT looking for hidden treasure. I THINK I found the spot that was alluded to by @Scuzz. Is there more than one tree with an illusory wall? I hope not, because I’m freaking done with BT.

Then I took a stroll through Darkroot to meet the Hydra, which was a fun fight. I love the Basin area. Such a nice change of pace from BT. I explored the rest of the garden and got jumped by three massive cat-badgers. After that I fought Sif. I threw myself at Sif a half dozen times until I figured out I needed to forward doge roll.

From there I went to the smithy so he could divine up my bastard sword, and since I was there anyhow I took a stab at Sen’s Fortress. I love how each new area throws a new type of enemy at you that completely subverts the way you’ve been fighting. Serpent dudes not flinching really messed with me. Took more than a few deaths to figure them out.

Still jittery from BT, I took one step onto the pendulum bridge, and decided this was not the time.

So, with my newly minted +5 Divine Bastard Sword I went down into the Catacombs.

I enjoyed the first hour or so down there. Loved the look of the level, super creepy, good fun. I ran from a Titanite Demon. I took a trip in a coffin. I fell through some floors. And then cried on the shoulder of the skellymang blacksmith as the Wheel Skeletons killed me again. And again. And again. And again.

I had some success if I tried to lure them near the broken hole in the wall by the bonfire, but aside from some sheer luck in finally managing to get passed them, I have no idea how i’m supposed to fight those dudes. The sound of the wheels baring down on me will haunt me forever.

Fought, and beat, the Pinwheel boss first shot which I was overjoyed about, because F those wheelskellys. My joy was short-lived. Boy was it short-lived. The Tomb of the Giants is why I stayed up until 5 am. I was freaking TRAPPED DOWN THERE FOR HOURS. Unable to progress much, unable to find my way back. Pitch-darkness and only the glowing eyes of giant Skeletons looking back at you? No no no.

I did manage to find the skull lantern in my inventory, but that’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Use the lantern to light up the level, great, but now I don’t have my shield to hide behind.

Anyway, did some coffin surfing, got tricked by Patches, found the fate of the doomed expedition (at 3 am when you’re nerves are on edge, the adrenaline having long since left you, and you find what I found down at the bottom of the Tomb of Giants…that was real terror).

At this point, I’m pretty tapped out, but I don’t want this to break me, and I don’t want to start my next play session trapped down there, so I pressed on. I managed to take out a few giant skellys, made my way back to Patches (FU Patches) and welp…Skeleton Dogs shouldn’t be a thing. No way no how. So many deaths. So, so many deaths. Oh and the spot with the Black Knight AND a Skelly dog? Nope. Nuh-uhn.

So, I ended up running. Past the dogs, past the Knight, down some crazy slope and what do I find? A golden glowing fog door. That I can’t get into. I forgot what it said but it basically told me to fuck off and come back later. The only way back now was up and it took me sooooooo long to figure out how to get out of the Tomb.

But I did. I made it out. Only to be killed by Wheel Skeletons.



Yea, there is only the one tree you need to explore. So you went all the way to the bottom?

And I hate to say this but if you found Patches you were literally yards away from a bonfire. But I would recommend you proceed thru Sen’s Fortress. You will eventually get something that will allow you to move quicker between Bonfires.



but there are multiple illusory walls



That is why I asked him if he went “all the way to the bottom”.