Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor

I just played back through that area – you can cheese that knight in the tower a little by fighting him on the spiral stairs – some of his attacks will whiff over your head and you can retaliate by hitting his feet. Getting the Drake Sword helps.

He doesn’t always follow you down the stairs but I have seen him come all the way down before. And yea, you need a weapon that does decent damage to him, with the Drake Sword probably being the best at that point. You could have the Claymore but you can’t have leveled it up yet.

I’ve killed him with the Drake Sword too, but that’s basically cheating ; )

I discovered easy mode in DS on the Switch. Took me maybe 20 arrows to hit the tail of the dragon to get the Drake Sword. The Balder Knights that were so dreadful in other playthroughs can now be one-shoted.
Also I used 1 alluring skull to lure the metal pig to kill itself in the fire.

So I reached the bell tower … waiting for summons. Not sure if I want to go alone. I hate the boss fights where you fight 2 bosses. Maybe I try once.

Use Solaire? He and a pine essence make that fight trivial.

Yea, lightening works great on almost every boss but especially the Gargoyles.

So out of curiosity I fired up the Remastered version I recently repurchased and was surprised by two things. One, the game I started more than a year ago was still there. It survived my giving the game back to Steam. And secondly, the reason I returned the game was fixed. I had not been able to get passed the Demon on the wall early in the game because it crashed continually during the fight. Now the fight went smoothly.

I hadn’t intended to actually play this now, but I may just continue. It will only get part of my attention though as in the afternoons my daughter and I are playing Borderlands 3.

I also got Bloodborne for my B-Day. So that is in my future, although I will have to use my daughters PS4 and TV to play it.

Skip Remastered for now and play Bloodborne. It’s Halloween, after all!

So today, on my 5th try, I defeated Ornstein and Smough. Even after playing the game so many times beating them is still one of my most satisfying moments in gaming. I imagine it’s because my first time playing the game I probably needed 40+ tries and a couple weeks to beat them.

I am playing DS1 in the mornings and playing Borderland 3 in the afternoon with my daughter. I think once we finish Borderlands 3 I am going to give Bloodborne a shot. I can only play it on her PS4 attached to the TV she uses, so my time will be limited.

Alright, where’s my Dark Souls peeps at? Listen up, we’ve got the game of the decade poll going. Should we try to consolidate the votes into a franchise? That way our votes for Dark Souls, Dark Souls 3 and Tim James’ vote for Dark Souls 2 can be combined?

I’m still not sure which one to vote for myself. My instinct says Dark Souls, the original, is the best. @Scotch_Lufkin has voted for Dark Souls 3, @newbrof voted for Dark Souls already.

But hey, actually, on second thought maybe the three games are different enough that we shouldn’t consolidate into a single franchise after all? I don’t know. Thoughts?

yes, we could and should consolidate under Dark Souls ;) DS3 might be a more smooth experience, and I play it mostly nowadays because it has the biggest player base, but the level design and overall design was forged in DS1

In my case I voted for the Dark Souls experience I would reach for if the mood struck to play it - that’s the third/latest one. Also, it’s the one I put the most time into, playing through all the expansion content, and playing several times alongside @ShivaX with, so it’s my favorite easily.

An argument could be made for Bloodbourne, but that game taught me I’m terrible at this stuff without someone to bail me out. :) I love the look/feel/art of Bloodbourne though.

I vote Bloodborne! It’s the only one of those games (aside from Demon’s Souls, which I cheesed at parts) that I did 100% solo, and boy am I not gonna do that again.

Dark Souls > Dark Souls 3 > Bloodborne > Dark Souls 2 > Demon’s Souls >>>>>>>>>>>>> Sekiro

I’ll go vote once I get a chance to read through all the rules!

Demon’s Souls is still my favorite, but it is not in the right decade …

I voted for 3.The pole is best game of the decade, not series, and I am a stickler for the rules =) 3 is the one I still play…

I mean…it’s gotta be Dark Souls, no?

Bloodborne is the early Dark/Demon’s Souls/Myazaki vision perfected. Dark Souls 3 is a lean and breezy version of Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2 is an entire beast of its own that I’ve grown to love but would never argue is better than the original. Demon’s Souls…I haven’t finished but I agree with newbrof, not the right decade…

But the game that really kicked it all off was Dark Souls, no?

And when I say kicked it all off I mean the exploration, adventure, challenge, curiosity, opacity, and heart. All the good shit From would continue to hammer at to churn out the best games of the decade.

I mean, I don’t have a problem voting that way. Honestly I could very easily put 1,2,3 and BB all on my top ten list… but then it would be just a souls list at that point =)

Dark Souls got GOAT Dark Souls crowned Ultimate Game of All Time at Golden Joystick Awards | GamesRadar+ - I discovered it this year, and it has been a treat reading through this thread and others around the internets as I progressed. Of those games I think I’d give it to DS as well. What a game!

How did that game of the decade thing go?