Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


That’s… almost exactly what I wanted.


PS3 exclusive again, or what?


Can’t wait for this to hit. I love the idea of amnore seamless world but with the challenge DS presents. I’m glad they are innovating into something new and not just recreating more DS (though I would have liked that as well I’m sure).

As for shortcuts I think 4-2, 1-2 and 1-4 are the only levels I can think of that don’t have one.


Sounds like a sort of cross between Gothic and Demon’s Souls :-O

I can’t wait!! Day one purchase, I reckon.


There are many successful routes down the 2-2 shaft. Most falls can be made safely if you can see the next landing below, but there is some forward momentum to be careful of.

Current discussion says From is self-publishing in Japan as PS3 only, and Namco Bandai will release overseas on PS3 and X360.


Awesome, this sounds great. Demon’s Souls has such a great feel and atmosphere to it. Very memorable.

Is there a release window for this yet?


This is easily my most anticipated game on the horizon. The bit about increased variety and uniqueness of the weapons sounds fantastic. Each weapon class in Demon’s Souls basically amounts to its own game, and I’d love to see that expanded upon.

I’m less thrilled about the open world aspect, but I trust the designers will figure out a way to make it awesome.


I’m very excited about this game, as well. Everything sounds great on paper!

I like the open world idea as long as there are multiple places to go at any given skill level. Much of what made Demon’s Souls’ hub-and-portals design work well, in my opinion, was the ability to jump from one world to another at any time, if you were stuck or frustrated with a particular area.


Me too. I hate bosses.


After Demon’s Souls From Software would have to screw up pretty hard not to make this a must-have game. I expect some needlessly complicated, obtuse, outside-information-mandatory mechanic will still be included—and I expect to buy the game. PS3 for me.


4-1’s shortcut is rolling over the parapet, which gets you right to the crystal gecko and the end of the level. 5-1 and 2-2 both involve using gravity, and can be a bit nerve-wracking especially if you have lower dex. 1-2’s shortcut is “kill the dragon”, but it’s a pretty linear level if you’re not exploring.

Really, the only level where I think they really needed a better shortcut was the very last stage before the final boss. He’s always someone I want to use creative tactics with but after the first failure I’m ready to play it safe again thanks to the long walk.


Even though I just don’t usually have the time to really get into DS, I really like the game. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

Edit-holy awesome trailer batman!



It even shows gameplay! Was not expecting that. Now I’m really hyped.


Awesome tone and atmosphere!

It’s like they make this game specifically for me :)


High places and big bosses ahead, then. Looks very similar to Demon’s Souls which is fine. “Dark Souls” is a very bland name, though I’m happy people will have to spell it out when posting. Think what would happen if the game came out on the DS.


Ps3 for me. Considering day 1, collectors edition for this one.


Looks great! I mean, it looks exactly like Demon’s Souls, but that’s good enough for me!


I’m sad they didn’t call it Darknesses’ Souls


GOTY confirmed.

Looks like a great year for RPGs. First Two Worlds 2, then Dark Souls and Skyrim.


Awesome, this made my day. Hope it is as import friendly as the first game.