Dark Souls for whimps (like me): Lords of the Fallen

Well, if you read the preview, you’ll see, it’s not a remake. But it’s not a sequel either. There’s more classes, it’s a lot bigger than the original, it has a whole new underworld that exists at the same time as the overworld or something. It’s quite a bit different. It sounds neat.

It’s an upgrade. I will wait for some reviews knowing that the DS crowd will hate it.

A large portion of the DS crowd hates everything, including DS games, other games, themselves.

I’m a DS nut and I loved LotF. In some ways it was superior to DS.

That is really the thing. Too many people went in thinking it would be DS and didn’t accept that it was it’s own thing. It has been awhile but I remember there being things I liked about it. I also remember hating something about the final boss. But I would definitely give the developers another chance.

You’re in luck, they went on to make The Surge and The Surge 2.

Are those any good? I think I almost bought one of them in a sale and then chickened out.

Very good, imho! Especially liked the 2nd.

Be warned, it is quite hard.

Yeah very solid takes on the DS formula. As @Hotfreak said, second one is a bit better, but no reason to dismiss the first one.

Fwiw I didn’t find them particularly hard :).

Yeah, but…

Don’t get me wrong, on average these games are still hard, as most Souls-likes are. But compared to DS I found it less punishing, thanks to more generous i-frames on dodge and generally more responsive combat where you don’t commit as much. Actually all Deck 13 games have some killer movesets (dash to attack with a 2h weapon for example) that you can execute really fast for massive damage, often completely stunlocking basic mooks in the process.

Ah well, we have a gamplay trailer now for the sequel:

Thumbs up for using “Fear of the Dark” in the trailer. Brings a tear to this old headbanger’s eyes.

New look at the game on Future Games Show looked great.

I wonder if this game will need its own thread, since it’s a different game. Looking nice.

The plane-shift mechanic came as a bit of a surprise to me; last time I saw something like that sensibly implemented was in the old Soul Reaver games, where “dying” shifted the level layout, enabling you to go along different paths.

This can either be brilliant, or confusing as hell. We’ll see. Nice visuals, though, I’ll give 'em that. Has a bit of that Blasphemous vibe.

I had ignored this because I thought it was a remake. It looks like it could be interesting. I’m a little bored of Souls games but I can’t help being intrigued by them.

Remnant 2 is being well received, and Lies of P demo was also liked, so this one is the open question (for Dark Souls-clones subgenre) of the year

Here it’s a new trailer

Boss fight just dropped.

…quite frankly, I think I’ll pass. This has all the elements I effing HATE about the souls games - hyperactive jerky boss attacks, ankle-slashing, giant knights and plenty of “eff YOU in particular” moves from the boss side.

Some previews are dropping now

Just watched Ziostorm’s earlier. This was not on my radar but I’m jonesing for a new souls-like so… maybe?

A long video. Alas the player seems bad…