Darkest Dungeon II: Madness in the Mountains?

Oh sheeeeeeeeeeet! I’m in!

!!! Awesome news! Straight to the top of “Games I’m waiting For in 20XX” as soon as there’s a timeline.

Hmmmm, I’m going to have to wait-and-see with this one. I loved the original to death when I played it upon release, but it was at the upper end of the difficulty curve that I found acceptable. The subsequent patches and expansions pushed the game over the edge to too grindy and aggravating. My intense love for the game eventually died in the face of too much frustration. If they can recreate the magic of the original I’ll be very excited but the dev team seems to be too in love with being masochistic towards their players for me to be optimistic.

I am very excited to play this, but of course, never actually complete it.

Yeah, I played a ton of the original in EA and early release, but never quite finished it. And I haven’t touched any of the DLC. So this is probably a good prod to revisit it and pick up my endgame save where I had just wiped in the second stage of the final dungeon and realized I’d have to train up some more guys from scratch to get through.

Me too. Darkest Dungeon was one of my favorite 2/3rds of a game from the last few years.

Same here. My issue was the game couldn’t decide if it wanted to take a traditional rpg/roguelike approach where you spend all your time developing a set character/party, or the X-COM approach where you’re expected to constantly be losing people while getting fresh meat up to speed.

And they went with the worst combination: constantly losing people but needing a ton of long term grinding to get them to the mandatory max level. I quit and uninstalled when I reached the final dungeon and it hit you with the all new surprise mechanic of “1 random member gets killed if you try to retreat” and mandatory retiring the survivors. Fuck -> that

I loved everything else about the game. I just wish they could have settled on one end of expendability or the other.

Holy poops!

So I guess it’s going to be inspired by At the Mountains of Madness?

None of the silhouettes at the bottom looks like a new class.Boo.

I should clarify that that’s my knee-jerk extrapolation from the teaser, not an official subtitle.

I’d think that new classes are a given, but they’ll want to parcel them out in their own reveals.

Just another random thought:

I don’t think any Lovecraft story is set after the supernatural poop hits the fan on a global scale, is it? That seems decidedly un-Lovecraft. I have doubts about the post-apocalypse setting.

Maybe it’ll be a more traditional roguelite where you lead a single team on a long suicide mission to a faraway peak to contain whatever evil has been released in the first game?

Ha, this was my experience. I had a ton of max level heroes, and I successfully sent 2? 3? teams of them through the final dungeons. And it still was not enough. The game wanted yet another team of max level heroes before it would admit defeat. I feel like the designers said to themselves “what is the most absurdly high level of grind we can add in at the end” and then they multiplied that by π.

So are they going to make this one actually fun, instead of just having a generationally awesome hook?

Not specifically, but a lot of them are akin to “the world is completely fucked and most people don’t realize it yet,” which might be what they’re hinting at with “a glimpse” and the active verbs indicating that it’s an thing that happening, not happened.

Also, for how long and grindy the game was, it never really changed. The only thing that changed as you leveled up and got better equipment was some numbers went up a little. That’s it. There really weren’t any additional options, mechanics, or powers that came into play. You didn’t even get cool cosmetic changes to go with the higher numbers like the upgrade to energy weapons or power armor in XCOM.

Darkest Dungeon 2 charts a new path through terror in a roguelike road trip to save humanity | PC Gamer

It’s coming to Early Access in Q3 2021, and you’ll be able to complete a run from the get-go: if you survive long enough to haul your flickering torch to the mountain’s peak, ready to stop the world from crumbling, you won’t be greeted by an ‘under construction’ sign. Bourassa says to expect a five-act story, with each act bringing a new boss to fight when you reach the mountain. It’ll launch with act one.

I like the new direction! Oh, and take my money!

October 26th for EA (yay!), another EGS exclusive (boo, hopefully only for the EA period).

all good and well, but I hope it will be max. 6 months in EA. If it is 12+ months, I don’t even care. (and I am a huge DD fan, even kickstarted the board game).

This looks incredible.

I love that, based on the description I read on the game’s info page, it’s designed around shorter 5-hour runs. I hope that is how they plan to get around the grind in the mid- and late-game, by letting the meta progression be run-based? Not totally sure, but I think it looks excellent in general. Very smooth and improved animations, it seemed to me.