Darkest Dungeon

RPS has an article today about an upcoming game, called the Darkest Dungeon. There is a REALLY cool video , detailing a group of warriors descending into the dungeon, and their realization that perhaps its not all fun and games. I won’t reveal the video, because I actually find it very cool, but the gameplay idea is very interesting as well:

The concept behind Darkest Dungeon is to put the dungeon back in “dungeon crawler.” The environment itself is an antagonist – a scary, haunted place where your chances of survival are slim, hordes of terrifying monsters notwithstanding.[INDENT] Each and every adventurer you recruit will develop a unique combination of predispositions, proclivities, flaws and strengths – factors that must be carefully considered when forming a party and leading it through horrific environs. Furthermore, how you perfom in the dungeon will have lasting and impactful consequences on their continued development. You are put smack-dab in the role of a squad leader or sports team manager, doing your best to keep the human factors from fracturing your team or destroying their effectiveness.


I like that - I’ve always liked the idea of how it would actually be, crawling about in dungeons. I’ve been in a few deep caverns and caves in my life, and some of them were quite scary, even with a guide, so I cant imagine what it would be like with just a torch, and knowing that monsters actually lurked around every corner. I’d love for a game to actually simulate that!

They use the word “impactful,” so minus five points.

Holy crap that video is everything I want the Pathfinder dungeons I run to be. I’ll probably buy this as inspiration if naught else.

Could be awesome! I hope it doesn’t channel too much Don’t Starve as I found that game tedious in the end.

And it modifies “consequences”. minus 25 points.

The game sounds awesome but Fall 2014… :(

Indeed, too far off. The Idea and trailer look great! Let us hope they can deliver.

I almost posted about this but I thought it was too far off. But I’m glad you did, Razgon, just so I can say AWESOME. I love the elevator pitch on this thing.

This game looks fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of a good challenging dungeon game

I almost posted about this but I thought it was too far off. But I’m glad you did, Razgon, just so I can say AWESOME. I love the elevator pitch on this thing.

This does look very interesting. Thanks for posting it.

Darkest Dungeon has just entered Kickstarterand funded in about a day. The new trailer (Under Story) is damn cool as well! The whole game oozes atmosphere.

Funny how the narrator managed to speak after the (assumed) suicide… Cool premise for a game though.

It was the letter he wrote. And before you ask, perhaps a servant or estate helper posted it afterwards. :-)

I really like the style and it seems the gameplay would be interesting. Something is holding me back though, and it is the sense of replay-ability with the game. I have not had a chance to look through all the pitch materials and I do see one of the stretch goals reached is “20% more game”. Somehow though I am getting the sense that the game is limited in play time.

Really like how that looks. I hope they can bring the game to fruition.

Yeah, this seems replete with possibilities. The combat looks maddening though with all the “misses” so I hope there is some tuning done on that front. It’s likely part of the RPG/old-school pen and paper design I realize, but there is a reason many RPG’s did away with frequent misses.

Update 25 mentioned a bit about early access:

You can expect Early Access to hit Steam around mid-Feb of 2015.

I think they are planning for a summer 2015 release. Overall they are only running 6 months behind, which going by most kickstarter projects, seems damn good.

They definitely seem to be keeping busy as it took about five months for me to finish my podcast interview with them for my site.

Part 1 Is more about how the studio was formed, the kickstarter and some art style related questions. While Part 2 is more about the gameplay and progression. They were some great guys and I really can’t wait to play this as it was my first kickstarter pledge this year.