Darkest Dungeon


Looking at the Grave Robber to get a sense for @Kyrios comment I have to wonder again something I kept wondering while reading through the notes… wth is Stealth?


I bought DD on release and had REALLY been looking forward to it. I dug into it enthusiastically but pretty soon I found that I just wasn’t having much fun. It seemed very repetitive and grindy. Finally I set it aside and never came back to it.

This was before all the subsequent patches and expansions. Has anything changed with the base game or is it still pretty much the same as it was at release? I don’t have any of the expansions.


It’s part of the Shieldbreaker DLC:

Dynamic, tactical skill set for the Shieldbreaker featuring all new combat mechanics including: Armor Piercing, Guard Break, and Stealth

If I remember correctly, Stealth prevents a character from directly being targeted with a skill. Once damage is taken, though, such as from an AOE skill (a skill that targets multiple positions), Stealth is broken.

Well, what I just wrote about the Shieldbreaker DLC changed the base game! :-)

If you found the base game very repetitive and grindy, you’ll likely find the base game with The Crimson Court and Shieldbreaker repetitive and grindy, as well. However, both DLCs add additional content and systems to the game. So you won’t, for example, recognize Districts from TCC, which adds additional buildings to the Hamlet (among other content).


It’s a lot less grindy in that you can replace inevitable losses much easier with upgrades and getting money/stuff is also easier with the addition of the Antiquarian who’s entire role is “run is a bit harder, but you get a lot more loot.”


I loved the heck out of Darkest Dungeon on release and I’ve beaten it at least twice, but I’m not a huge fan of the post-release direction for the game. All of their anti-stalling measures, which they’ve just made even more restrictive, seem to be aimed at making the game a brutal grindfest with heroes dying left and right. I enjoyed the game before those measures and considered stalling a valid tactic to recover if a run started going south.

I get the vision they are pursuing but I’m less interested in playing if they want to force the player into a brutal hero-death-fest. I think this is a case of a developer pursuing their vision to the extent of detracting from what made their game good to begin with.


Hmm, I also loved it at release but didn’t finish my playthrough because the Darkest Dungeon was such a brutal hero-death-fest. Though for me, it wasn’t just the idea of losing heroes, but that replacing them would just be about running a bunch of easy, low-level dungeons for experience. I had mostly upgraded the hamlet already, so there wasn’t much else to get out of the dungeons. And it seemed like later changes like being able to recruit higher-level heroes should help with that part of it.


Watching this guy play is like watching a major sports event



Lol great stuff


Since I’m limited to a mediocre laptop, it seems like a good time to jump back into this. I haven’t played since the Radient update. I just need to get a little Slay the Spire out of my system.


That was really great. Next time I fire this game up, it’s going to feel even darker than usual without Bainard and his fanatic commentator.


Here’s the original Bainard:

EDIT: I’d like to point out he’s a level 1 dude brought in a champion level dungeon. Quite a performance, all things considered.


I decided to take another run at this. Rather than picking up where I’d stopped previously, I decided to just start a new campaign (base game, no DLC). So far there seems to be quite a few differences from when I played it at release. I’m sure there’s been a lot of re-balancing so hopefully that addresses some of the initial issues I had with it.


Just watched 10 minutes of this and this is already making my night.
I noticed there are no corpses around. I remember those looking super silly and being mightily annoying.


I recommend waiting … 2.5 hours, as a massive patch is coming that’s going to rebalance tons of stuff and add things like bonuses for classes when they score critical hits.


I could be mis-remembering, it’s been 16 months since I played it last (Feb 2017 according to Steam), but I think corpses are an option you can toggle in the options, along with things like heart attacks.


I am too scared to look up what heart attacks might be, but I got a sense insanity isn’t the worse state of affaire anymore. Definitly revisiting the game in the coming weeks!


Have there been any announcements on whether the balance patch and Color of Madness will be for the Switch release as well?


I just read in a blog post the patch will come to “other platforms” when the Color of Madness releases for those platforms, but I can’t find a release date for CoM beyond the GoG/Steam/Humble release date (of today).

A second blog post indicated they don’t have a release date for other platforms yet, and that post was dated May 9th, so that’s likely still the case.


Ok. Hopefully they make it. I am fine with waiting a bit. I don’t think I could go back to desktop shackled DD.


Sorry, to clarify, they mention there is a Switch, PS4/Vita, Xbox One, iPad version definitely coming, just no ETA yet.