Darkest Dungeon

So do you carry stuff with you for proper curio unlocks, or do you just click it and hope for the best?

When you click on a curio that you successfully interacted with before (that is to say you used the right item) you get a little icon as a reminder, but it still doesn’t tell you what the item or curio will do. If yo don’t want to rely on slowly memorizing through trial and error, here is a list of every curio and their possible outcomes. I usually try to bring a few items of each type and if I don’t have the right one, some curios are more dangerous than others.

Oh that’s perfect. Thanks!

If I bought like 8 keys and didn’t use them all during a mission, do I get credit for the unused keys when I finish everything? Or does everything I bought for the mission just go away in the end as unused and I essentially wasted some gold?

At the end of each expedition, they all go away, but you get a partial refund.

Generally, unless you’re playing at a high difficulty level, I don’t think it’s worth stressing over decisions and min-maxing in this game (also not worth fighting the second tier of bosses, but ymmv). But, I’d strongly recommend looking at a guide suggesting which and how many items to take with you on expeditions (and also one for the curios linked above. Ed: which also has suggested provisions, so that should be all you need!). Everything else you can sort of feel out as you go.

Ok I will look for something like that. One more question. When it says a skill can be used to be per battle. Does that mean each time I battle in a full mission, or just once during the entire expedition?

Best I can remember, all the limited-use skills are either once per battle or once per camp. Someone correct me, but I don’t recall any once per expedition skills.

The supply items you didn’t use go away and you get refunded a small fraction of their cost. Once per battle means per fight, not per expedition.

Happy to help. And a more general piece of advice: Darkest Dungeon can be played like a game of pure number optimization and if you enjoy it like that that’s great, but it’s also perfectly viable to just go in and see what happens. I understand you’re hospitalized right now and have a lot of time to pass, but this is a long game and if you’re not careful before you know it you’ll be all better and going back to your normal life with no time to play, and then what would you do?

Seriously though, hospitals suck and I hope you get better soon, and I’m happy to do what I can, even if it’s just video game tips, to make your time there more tolerable.

One thing to consider is that for low level characters, rolling the dice on some of the curios isn’t the worst plan. If you have bad luck and they get a bad negative trait then you can put them in the disposable pile, and if they have good luck and get a nice positive trait then you can put them in the slightly less disposable pile.

Also, in case you didn’t see my edit, @ArtVandelay’s excellent link has the suggested provisions as well as the curio items.

Parsing through this thread reminds me how close Darkest Dungeon comes to being my all-time favorite RPG.

One thing I’d recommend doing is recruiting a hero of each class. They’re all so unique and interesting I feel you really miss out if you just focus on four or so heroes. Plus, you eventually need around three viable parties anyway. Leveling them all barely even feels like a grind if you’re playing on radiant mode.

After all the talk about grind, grind, grind I installed this mod and I’m not even sorry:

I’ve been trying everyone out for sure. Sometimes I find that I end up with someone who can’t seem to do much to help which is weird. They can do a buff or debuff, but seemingly no direct damage or healing. I think I had an antiquarian like that and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong with them.

Antiquarians are a support and loot class. They have a lot of great buffs for combat and they really boost your loot.

Antiquarians have generally poor combat skills, but get more and more valuable loot (and you need to have the antiquarian selected when you search, it’s not enough to have them in the party) and can stack more loot in a single inventory slot.

I don’t even bother hiring antiquarians. But keep those highwaymen and houndmasters coming!

Antiquarians can hugely speed the ‘grind’. But they do require care as they are pretty useless in direct damage.

When I want to get a big pile of money in a hurry I take an antiquarian on a low level dungeon. I don’t keep them past level 2 because on harder levels I don’t want to compromise my chances in combat, and I already find more treasure than I can carry in lower level quests, so I don’t see the point. I know there are ways to make them pull their weight in combat, but there are always classes that are more directly useful.

Wow. I don’t have one right now but does it say somewhere on their card they do that?
I might have asked, but does having an antiquarian mean you can skip using keys or do you still get better loot opening chests with a key and antiquarian?

I’m not sure it does.

You still need to bring keys, in fact the antiquarian bring a free key along when you bring her.

Finding a secret treasure room with an antiquarian in the party is such a good thing.