Darkest Dungeon



Is it me or did they just turned Paradox? There are tons of custom classes available in the Workshop for free.


I mean… yes? That’s what happens when you allow mods and support modders.

I feel like your logic is akin to devs who don’t allow those things: “Why would we let you get free stuff? Then you wont buy anything.”


Maybe don’t buy it? I don’t see the problem?


Well, there’s only one extra class DLC right now, so it’s not Paradox level “here-are-some-completely-functionless-portraits-for-five-bucks” yet.

The class supposedly has new mechanics, so that’s something beyond the average mod.


In case I get confused. I love devs who let us get things for free. And I buy things from devs who let me get things for free.

EDIT: I relooked at the DLC page, there is no price. Is the DLC free? I could have sworn that I saw a price this morning.


$3.99, it’s on the Tweet.

It isn’t for sale as of yet on Steam so there isn’t a price listed.


What can I say about DD? I don’t think it’s a “good” game. It’s clever. It’s definitely worth the asking price. Right now at 37 hours in it’s my most played game on Steam. Massive Chalice is a better game in my opinion, and it has only a bare fraction of Darkest’s playerbase.

I can’t really think of anything to suggest to the developers to improve Darkest Dungeon; it does what it sets out to do, and does it well. It’s just… I know it’s been said before… grindy. I like that it’s a forced-Ironman game where all your choices are final. I like the setting.

I think (although I’m not sure) the reason I hesitate to call it a “good” game is that as it progresses it feels like the number of meaningful choices I have to make narrows. Yes there are plenty of different classes and synergies, but as you get up to the level 4 dungeons and above it seems like there are very few (if not only one) options for approaching a run. You have Stun, Bleed, Blight, Move, Mark, Heal, and light level to consider, you have to kind of wager on the number of supplies to bring; otherwise it gets a little same-ey. Once I realized what a huge difference it made to not let my heroes’ stress get over 100 I never wrangled too much with the afflictions during the runs.

There are a lot of systems to figure out, but once I did the gameplay itself started to become a little bland. It’s worth it, but not in a “buy this game right now” kind of way.

That’s my armchair critic minute for the day.


It’s way too long and the progression is boring number increases. Very few new mechanics are revealed after the initial understanding of the game. If it were half the length it is it’d probably still be too long. Like you I enjoyed most of what I played before it wore out but I don’t have any interest in grinding it to the end.


It’s a great game as long as you consider it beaten after taking down the second tier of bosses.



And in my opinion, this general idea is true about a whole lot of games.


I never “completed” anything and put in dozens of hours while it was in Early Access and after. Probably 100 hours. Maybe it is not a great, but I sure enjoyed playing the hell our of it.


This makes me appreciate the game more. I played for around ~25 hours and got burned out when I noticed that the second-tier of bosses were the same as the first, only stronger, and then of course the grind set in. I probably took longer than most to get to that point because I wanted to level up all the classes (I hate having to use the same people repeatedly in video games when I have the option not to). On the other hand, how long do I want a game to last these days? I really enjoyed those first 20 hours of Darkest Dungeon. I wish games like this were shorter. I can’t even finish an otherwise excellent game like The Witcher 3, having abandoned it about 50 hours in. This is to say nothing of lesser-but-still-good ‘epic’ RPGs like Pillars of Eternity (lost interest after 30 or so hours during the forest town in chapter two). Maybe I’m just getting old.


I’ve said it before but the longer a game the more likely I am to lose interest in it, unless by some miracle of design it can keep pulling me along. Few games manage it these days. Pad your game out at your peril!

I think I managed 30+ of Darkest Dungeon before throwing the towel in. The first ten were a joy, the next ten were familiar but still fun, the last ten were when I realised there wasn’t really much new to extract from the experience, I was just making numbers go up doing the same things over and over again. This was all before Radiant mode was added.


My DD strike team at last confronted the monstrous Baron last night. Fantastic. Les jeux son fais.






Oh yes. God I love these guys.


So it’s endless mode with leaderboards? I love Red Hook but I dunno, this DLC doesn’t seem that attractive to me.

I wanted to give the game another go with all the latest DLC and patches during the holiday break. Should I go for Normal or Radiant? Is Radiant too much of a cakewalk?


Darkest Dungeon hits Nintendo eShop January 18th