Darksiders 3: Hell hath no Fury



So, I’ve really enjoyed the previous games, as they scratched a Legacy of Kain-like itch for me. I wasn’t planning on getting Darksiders 3 immediately, but decided to dive in anyway to give me something action-y to play when I didn’t have the time for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (which is more work now than anything!).

And I’m really having a lot of fun with Darksiders 3. A lot of fun. I’d go so far as to say that at this point (having just defeated the third boss), it’s perhaps my favourite in the series? I realize this had a smaller budget, but it’s led to a very tightly-designed little game that on occasion is still able to wow with some of the level design (the gigantic tree was impressive), and the overall quality of the art and graphics holds its own with the previous games. The bosses look great and imaginative, and most of the regular enemies all look good, too (especially the sort of spider-like creatures that wander around like robed monks when not on the attack). And as a Kain fan, this one’s reminding me a lot of Soul Reaver (corridors, enclosed spaces, emphasis on fighting bosses and gaining special abilities, etc.).

Lots of people have compared the combat to Dark Souls, but I don’t think that’s completely fair? I mean, I can see why people would say this (the flames, the souls, the shortcuts), but like the previous games, this one borrows a bunch of concepts/ideas and then sort of does its own thing with them. The fighting here is like a somewhat more punishing system compared to what the previous games had, but not egregiously so. I usually give up after a few hours with Souls-like games, but this one I’ve every intention to play all the way through.

The combat is also broken up with sections where you have to solve puzzles, and I think those are fun. They’re never frustratingly obtuse nor a complete pushover either – for me, they provide fun obstacles along the way. I don’t lament the removal of the loot one bit (it’s mostly busywork for me anyway), and I like the Metroid-like new abilities (colour-coded and everything!) that the “Lord of Hollows” bestows upon you. I also haven’t experienced any of the bugs, stutters, lag, or other issues that others have reported (I’ve got the GOG version – perhaps it’s more stable somehow?).

So to sum up my experiences with Darksiders III so far: the story, voice acting, character designs, and art are all up to par with the previous games, while offering a more stripped down, more focused experience, with an emphasis on combat and puzzle-solving. Traversal options are limited: no more Prince of Persia-style climbing around, and your horse meets an unfortunate fate early on, but you do gain all sorts of neat new special abilities (“hollows”) that will help you overcome obstacles and reach new areas of the game.

A Darksiders experience in a more distilled form, if you will. I’m loving it so far.


Thanks for the write up @JoshoB , I will keep it on the wishlist.


So, defeated another boss. The more I play, the more this seems like a modern successor to Soul Reaver: great, Gothic atmosphere, puzzles, bosses, quick yet satisfying combat. About halfway through, I think, and this is definitely among my favourite games of the year so far.

Some screen shots featuring mostly stuff seen halfway through...


10 hours in, boss #6. Some pretty good writing in this, too.

People who complain it’s all just “corridors” haven’t played much beyond the opening sections. There’s a beautiful underwater section in here. There are secrets to find. As regards influences: I just unlocked the ability to turn myself into a magnetic ball to reach previously impossible areas. And having that hollow applied also means you sink rather than float in water…

More screen shots for those who are interested...


Ha! That last screenshots. I wish boring cars lasted forever. Alas they do not. False advertising! :)


This got added to EA Origin Premier already so for the same $15 fee you can try out it and Battlefield V.


Yeah i was shocked to see that get added so soon. Must have not sold well.


Selling an admitted budget game for $60 probably not the best plan.


Classic combat mode added!


No update on Origin yet.


Ouch. Origin making me re-download the whole 19.5 GB of Darksiders III for a “patch.”


I like the changes to arcane counters and havoc form more! Havoc form is now actually useful. :-P

I’m nearly finished with the game. It’s excellent, as far as I’m concerned.


They must be hurting for revenue, any revenue since I just saw DSIII show up on Discord’s monthly Nitro service now too.

Nevermind. My mistake and lack of reading comprehension. It was DS2 that showed up in the monthly Discord Nitro service not DS3.


Yeah, it looks like the game doesn’t sell at all.


We were all wrong, apparently the game did well for THQ/Nordic

Net sales in our Vienna based business area THQ Nordic increased 38% to SEK 352 million, largely driven by the release of Darksiders 3. The game has performed within management’s range of ex-pectations and has recouped all investments made in development and marketing during the quarter. In 2019, we will release several DLC’s that will give the game a further boost. Darksiders remains one of the Group’s key IP’s.

So all future sales are pretty much gravy. :D


I’ll buy it as soon as it’s on sale for a reasonable price here in Brazil, because right now, it is definitely not. :(


Even though I wish they’d kept the Darksiders 1 direction, I’m glad to hear they should be able to keep it going.


What they’re really saying is that the game has barely reached the break even and isn’t even close to the upper end of their expectations, but it was made cheaply enough to make the numbers work. Anyway, good to hear Darksiders will go on, and good to know that THQ knows how to budget such an expensive game - for them - in a way that it doesn’t endanger their whole business. So many AA-Indie studios are tied to THQ nowadays that I would hate to see them collapse.


Well, I for one really loved what they’ve done with Darksiders III and am happy to see it did well enough for THQ Nordic. Looking forward to playing the DLC.