Darksiders: Genesis - ARPG

Looks good!

Yay! I always wondered why the success of the Diablo games didn’t lead to more ARPGs than we’ve seen. I guess we’re finally here, we’re finally seeing it.

Seems to be a little way off but it seems like something to keep an eye on. But man, do those environments and the palette look like the pulled them straight out of D3 or what? When I saw the area with the big boss and the grate on the floor I thought “ok, it’s the Butcher fight.”

Yes, I had the same thought. “Wow, they’re really copying Diablo 3 pretty blatantly”. Good!

Epilepsy warning for anybody trying to see any frames of in-game footage.

I’ve loved all the games in this series, so this is a must buy for me. Looks like it borrows from the Lara Croft games (the top-down ones).

Happy too see Airship Syndicate work on this, too.

This looks like a free-to-play mobile game to me. I need to see a UI, stat!

I’ve been watching for this game, especially since it comes out in a month (Dec 5). Wanting to know more about the game I found a good video that explains what the game is, and what the game is not. Much to my surprise, it turns out the devs don’t consider it an ARPG, and there’s no real treasure to be found. Apparently it’s more of an fighting game/action adventure (lots of comparisons to Darksiders 1), just in an isometric perspective.

Sadly, I’d prefer to play this style of game (button-mashy combos instead of a hot-keyed ARPG) on console, but that version won’t be out till next year (Feb). There’s also a $15 price difference in price between PC and console, with consoles costing more.

I’m excited to see reviews on this game.

Why does this game mean that we “are here” and “finally seeing it”. What about Grim Dawn, Titan Quest, Victor Vran, the Van Helsing series, etc.?

Yep, looking at previous trailers you could see things like slow combo finishers, enemy stunlocks, etc… that pointed towards a brawler/character action type game only seen from the top.

Which is a great concept, much more attractive to me than the regular ARPG style action. My interest has risen substantially.

I’m going to try hooking up my switch controller to my pc later today.

Apparently it’s very easy.

This is for Hades BTW, but why not other games like this.

Well, Titan Quest was just one game at the time, so not a trend of ARPGs exactly. But lately with those other games, and Warhammer Inquisitor Martyr and a few others, yes, it’s finally a trend. Sadly it sounds like this game is not one of them though. If Kerzain is right and this isn’t an ARPG I mean.

Pfft, that’s never even up for debate because I’m always right, just ask my wife.

Coolio. Gonna watch this one today. I have been playing Darksiders 3 to get hype myself up for this game. Still need to read reviews before ordering though.

The first 16 minutes of gameplay.

Maybe you should change the title to “Darksiders: Genesis - Not an ARPG”.

Top-down hack-and-slash with puzzles? I’ve heard people refer to Lara Croft: Guardian of Light and Temple of Osiris as ARPGs, which I sort of assume now to be short-hand for “vaguely Diablo-like top-down action game”. I guess there will be skills etc. as in the regular Darksiders games, so I don’t think it’s such a stretch to refer this as an ARPG?