So? Any good. Gamefly has reviews over 9 right now, but it’s way early to make anything of that. I’ve had it in my queue to try it out for a while. Who’s reviewing it?

Eurogamer has and liked it (8/10).

Still, while on the surface of it Darksiders feels like a game with a lot of good ideas but only a few of its own, where even a brief flying section on an angelic mount owes rather a lot to Panzer Dragoon, overall the silly old story and wonderful art style give terrific heft to the universe, and the clockwork of the puzzles and game systems are precision-engineered in a manner that you come to trust implicitly. It may be a game of betrayal and redemption, but you won’t feel hard done by if you choose to begin 2010 in its company.

I’m actually curious about this one, is there a demo up yet.

intruder, did you run that through a translator or something?

Nope it’s the end / summary of the review.
Eurogamer.net is a British website so I assume it was written by a native speaker.

I have to say the promotion to this game has been almost absent so I’m surprised the reviews are mostly very positive, I’d imagine they would try to hide it because it was bad. The idea that I got from the little I saw was that it was another bad God of War knockoff, but apparently is more like a Legend of Zelda type of game with different puzzles and game mechanics. Was I not paying any attention or was this the impression most people that heard of the game got?

One of my friends has been raving about this game for the past few weeks. I might have to look into it, especially with the sale of it and Bayonetta that was posted in the Bargain Thread.

From what I’ve heard, this sounds really promising. It sounds like the developers took a lot of inspiration from Zelda, a little from God of War, and then sprinkled on a bunch of fun stuff from a variety of other games to create something great.

Bayonetta and Darksiders means tomorrow is going to be a fun day.

Wow, this came out of nowhere. I’d hardly even heard of this game. Only a passing mention here or there. If THQ has a gem on their hands, I wish they’d actually market it better. Sheesh.

And releasing a new IP with no associated demo? Also a terrible idea.

I’ll try to get it through Gamefly and then keep it if it turns out good. But who knows if Gamefly will even send it to me any time soon. It looks like I missed my new release window.

The reviews on this one have been very positive. I was planning to go to Best Buy today anyway, so I might just go ahead and pick it up.

I’ve had it on my ‘watch’ list for several months now. However, I only saw it through looking at the coming releases on Gamefly. It looked interesting so I added it. I haven’t seen much promotion of it either.

I’ve had my eye on this for a while, but it’s hitting at a bad time for me game wise. The oddly loaded first quarter doesn’t help much either. I’m kind of trying to finish up some games before Mass Effect 2 hits later this month.

It was on the cover of Play and I think Edge or games, too. Everything about it has sounded good for over a year now.

The reviews are pretty crazy – especially given that this appears to be the first game out of that studio.

The last thing I need is a new game but I picked this up today and gave it an hour or so. Feels like a cross between Prototype and God of War. Haven’t seen much Zelda influence yet… except maybe the horn I blew to open a door. It feels kind of comic book schlocky and War is a pale substitute for Kratos. The controls are mostly smooth but seemed a bit unintuitive in places. After 15 minutes I was on the verge of regretting the purchase but then I got past the prologue and the maps opened up and I got a look at the inventory and skill screens and suddenly I was having a great time.

I’m eager to get back to it. Game of the year 2010! :D

This game sounds excellent. Looks excellent. Great reviews, great look, feel - why the hell to THQ send this to die?

30 hours of gameplay? Great theme? Ugh, so many damn games.

The only problem so far is it’s hard not to hear the Joker when you hear Mark Hamill.

That’s not a problem, I’ve never played Arkham Asylum (It’s on my “Buy later since it’s a single player game” list).

Have you watched the animated series?

Oh, yeah well it’s been a while.