Darkspore asks, "Hey guys, any room for me?"


The intended effect of this Darkspore trailer is to make you sign up for the beta. EA loves it when you sign up for stuff. Instead, it made me want to play Alien Swarm, League of Legends, or DC Universe, all great ways to meet your group-with-other-people-and-beat-up-stuff-to-level-up needs.

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Amazing how months later, we’re still mining the long tail of all these old blog posts… cc @clay


Yeah… I’ve wondered about that. Granted the crawler I threw together was a 15 minute hack job, but it makes me wonder if there’s some content that somehow fell off of the normal Wordpress archive page system. If I can find a few minutes, I’ll dig the script up and try again.


Me, I’m kinda disappointed we’re not actually talking about Darkspore.


All those weekly and daily big planet posts from yesterday were me. I googled them and clicked through because I was tired of seeing one of them pop up every week.


Sorry Darkspore, no room for you.

I don’t think I had ever even heard of this game.


I can’t believe that they actually just closed the game. You can’t play anymore, kaput. Over. I didn’t think it was really necessary to have the game running serverside all the time?

What a weird thing.