Darkstar One / Freelancer / X2, X3

Oops, I got Freelancer confused with Freespace, although I did like the combat and story in Freelancer more than X3 myself…

Dude, I turned it in years ago… for not being a Fallout fanboi. :)

I don’t have the url bookmarked but yes. There was a thread here when they released 1.0.


Gemini Gold

Late for my favorite discussion, but most of what’s to say has been said… IW2 ftw!

IW2 sucked.

Has anyone had any experience with Starshatter : The Gathering Storm? I’ve been reading the website and have an erection that will just not go away. Please don’t tell me this is the next BC 3K.

You know … having played many of these games I would second the recommendation in this thread for EVE Online. Not a bad game, very pretty to look at, much more involving due to other people actually playing with you, and fun as well. If you’re open to an MMO in place of what you thought was good about some of these games, it’s the best choice.

Other than that, I liked X3 more than most of the others mentioned, but that was after the 20 hour “get used to the game” learning curve. It was like living in a huge space opera. The open play style isn’t for everyone though.

I have this one sitting on my shelf. I’m dying to give it a go, but I’m just waiting around for track IR 4 to be integrated. I can’t play cockpit games without free head movement anymore, or I suppose rather not if the dev tells us it’s being looked into.

Is there some way to launch countermeasures that I am not aware of? I can’t find any reference to it in my control config file, so I can only assume they launch automatically…but, if that’s the case, they’re pretty darn ineffective.

(This is for I-War 2, by the way.)