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Wasn’t this the WORST episode of ST:TNG ever?

I mean, it didn’t make ANY sense!


How about The Game?

SpoofyChop and McCullough, their posts interleaved.

I saw that one as a freshman in college and fell instantly in love with Ashley Judd and her oh-so-kissable-lips. Best. Episode. Evar.

SpoofyChop and McCullough, their posts interleaved.[/quote]

Ooh, ooh poetry…

SpoofyChop and McCullough
Their posts interleaved
Like lovers before the dawn

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Wait a minute… Ashley Judd was on ST:TNG?

The worst ST: TNG episode ever was the one where everyone de-evolves into some monstrous creature. The theory, such as it was, was that everyone was de-evolving into something that came before them on the evolutionary chain. IIRC, Picard didn’t actually change form at all (just became a fraidy-cat), and Barkley unaccountably turned into a giant spider. I’m laughing even now.

Yup. Ensign Robin Lefler, engineering. And Wes’ romance. Famous for her overall babe factor as well as Lefler’s Laws, which are little rules for life.

Ok, then this is obviously the worst episode ever. If I blocked out the fact that the Goddess was in it, then this is a really bad episode. I mean, Showgirls bad.


Are Y’all crazy? This episode was awesome, I mean, how can ya beat Paul Winfield?!

The worst episode is where Troi was the victim of Immaculate Conception and had that weird alien child who died that same episode. Man I HATED that one.

The worst episode was the finale to Season One where some alien cockroach infestation tries to take over Starfleet.


The worst episode is a tie between just about all of them. I can’t believe I spent so much time watching that show.

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Hey was anyone else dorky enough to read the books? Peter David wrote some good stuff. That show would have been 100 times better if he had written a few scripts.

Only read the really big giant novels; the numbered ones are crap!

With Arms Wide Open!

I swear, I’m not that big a fan of Darmok to begin with, but it just blows my mind that most Trekkers think it’s a Top 5 TNG episode of All Time. My theory is that they’re so desperate for something halfway original and unique that they embrace the entire “language by metaphor” concept. But I just thought it was annoying. Plus, someone important in the FX department must have been sick that week… phaser fire comes shooting out of the forward torpedo tube. Ooooooppppps.

Then again, most Trekkers fall over themselves over The Inner Light, which is another one they rank up there in the Top 5. Ehhhh, I really couldn’t give a damn about that one, either.

My Top 5 (just off the top of my head)

  1. Yesterday’s Enterprise (best line… “Let’s make sure history never forgets the name… Enterprise. Picard out.” Then everyone dies.)
  2. Best of Both Worlds I + II (which I count as one episode)
  3. Q Who
  4. Tapestry
  5. Cause and Effect

Totally. That was such a stupid episode it boggled the mind.

Totally. That was such a stupid episode it boggled the mind.[/quote]

But Remick ate that cockroach, Picard and Riker shot him with phasers, and it all exploded in this horrible B-Movie splatter. It was great!

Your soul is dead, sir.

Yeah. The episode made no sense from a “realism” standpoint (we can’t get anyone off this planet but we can make a probe that defeats the Enterprise’s defense systems and puts someone into a completely simulated life!), but it was still great.

My favorite episode is the one where Picard gets captured and interrogated by a Cardassian (two-parter, I think, but only the second part was any good).

There are four lights.

I think that episode was different, mainly because it was someone other than Geordi getting captured and tortured.