Darth Vader has a blog


Ozzel just isn’t the creative type.

The problem is solved now, however. I crushed his trachea with my mind, and promoted Piett to command the fleet. I have transmitted to following note to Ozzel’s kin:

Dear House of Ozzel,

I regret to inform you that your son has been killed in the line of duty.

He was an incompetent, yammering boob and he will be missed by none. I have allowed the men to pillage his personal belongings, which is why we have enclosed nothing but the sole remaining item: a torn advertisements page from a magazine of midget pornography. May it shock and disturb you, and may you think of it always when you remember your dearly departed son, the ninny.

Know also that his limitations as a sub-par military professional caused the deaths of many of the Emperor's loyal soldiers, whose funeral expenses will appear on your next tax assessment.

D. Vader

Too harsh? I call them as I see them.

Edit: don’t miss the comments.

Also don’t miss the interview with Vader:


Those links both suck. The ideas of a candid interview with Darth and his web log are a lot funnier than those pages. Like when you first click on this forum and see a topic called “Darth Vader has a blog”? That’s funnier than the site.

Fuck Star Wars “Comedy”


Not nearly as entertaining as the Hulk blog.

Dude I didn’t make you post crappy links.

That Hulk blog was such a one-trick-pony, but I laughed at like every single entry.

Dude I didn’t make you post crappy links.[/quote]

Thank God it’s not you who is responsible for Jason being an ultratool or I would have reached over the cube wall and strangled you long ago.