Data Recovery Help

So the other day my external drive crapped out with 188gb of data on it, including a truckload of my daughter’s baby pics and a large chunk of my music collection. Using some data recovery software, I managed to yank the files off the drive and throw them onto a friend’s borrowed drive, but many files didn’t survive uncorrupted. None carried over their file names, so I’ve got a huge grab bag of mostly corrupted mystery files now.

Does anyone know of any good way to “uncorrupt” the files, preferably as cheap as possible. I’ve found one jpg repair app that worked pretty well but it’s 40 bucks via credit card to some small, possibly sketchy biz out of Hong Kong. I’ll go grab a temporary credit card for that if I have to, but I’d prefer to find something more legit or free.

I’ve got MusicBrainz workin’ on the mp3s, but it’s not finding much.

Anything for office files? The info’s there, it just needs to be straightened up somehow.

Thanks for the help. Next up:!