Database/Indexing Journal, Diary, Notes

I think I’m supposed to start a thread like this with the phrase “recommend me a” but then the title would have been too long. Also, I’m not sure if this should go here or in EE, so I’m just putting it here and hoping for the best.

I’ve got a couple of journals full of movie watching notes and book reading notes (and other stuff). I’d like a way to organize them on the computer so they are easily searchable. I could just type them all into a Word document and be done with it, but I think that might get a bit unwieldy. Plus, I’d prefer some kind of a program that alphabetizes/organizes the entries automatically.

I have no idea what I’m looking for. Many years ago I tried to use Access for a similar project and failed miserably. I don’t even know if Access is supposed to be for this sort of thing. I grew frustrated and gave up.

So I need a program (or a method, if someone has an idea/method for how to do this with Office) where I can put in basic pertinent information about the films I watch, for instance, along with quotes I like from the film and notes I jot down about the film as I watch it. And I’d like all this info to be searchable.

Sort of like making a personal offline IMdB, but without all the pictures and crap.

Any ideas?



Thanks Talisker. I was looking at something called Evernote that I found when searching the forums to make sure this hadn’t been discussed. I think somebody recommended it for David Kaye. Not sure it’s what I need.

I’ll take a look at OneNote.