Database of all turn-based games (700+) released or coming to Steam

Hey all. After lurking for some time I’ve decided to create an account to share something which might be interesting for the turn-based enthusiasts amongst you.

Back in 2016 a couple of friends and I have founded Turn-Based Tactics, a Steam group dedicated to the genre. It sort of snowballed as we now have nearly six thousand members. Every Saturday we post an update wrapping up the news of the week: new releases and expansions, announcements, betas, demos, crowdfunding campaigns, etc. We use a spreadsheet to keep track of all this data. We’ve recently decided to share it with the outside world. There’s currently 700+ titles sorted by release date, genre, dev, country, price, reviews, metascore…

Enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback:

I have subscribed to your newsletter steam group.

Welcome to the forums as an active participant!

You had me at turn based.

That list of 700+ TBS games is eerily similar to my backlog.

Same. Welcome aboard.

Tell Charybdis I said hi.

Hey man, been following your curator for a while, will totally join your group. Great list! As someone who also put a similar list together, I know how much work it takes to build something like this.

Was just browsing the group a little. But why is Darkest Dungeon considered “turn-based tactics”? Combat is only one-dimensional, and you are limited very much in placement of your units. Can you have tactics with no terrain or freedom of movement?

I’d say yes: combat in Darkest Dungeon requires fine positioning - before and during combat - and use of crowd control skills. This classifies as tactics in my book, not wargame-level of tactics admittedly but tactics nonetheless.

Thanks for the welcome. If you can think of any game missing from the DB I’ll be happy to add it.

I tried a search on Spaceward Ho and it did not come up?

Only games released on Steam, sorry! Otherwise I’ll go insane.

Note to self: add the Realms of Arkania series tomorrow.

Welcome! Awesome list and I joined your steam group.

Here’s my question: what is the most overlooked, underrated game on your list, one that you think folks here need to try if they haven’t already.

I second this awesome question… :)

Is this list supposed to be comprehensive? Because there are some Slitherine wargames missing.

ioticus: could you help me out by briefly listing them here? Slitherine has released nearly 200 games or DLCs on Steam, it’s a lot to browse through.

tylertoo: obviously I haven’t been able to play all or even most of those games. However I have a few favourite indie games which didn’t get the success they deserved.

  • Wildermyth: clever and pretty tactical RPG with papercraft visuals. Easy to learn but hard to master. An innovative magic system which works and actually makes some sense. Brilliant and touching storytelling system. It’s in Early Access, but already super polished and rich in content.
  • Qvadriga: ugly 2D chariot racing in the circuses of the Roman Empire. If you haven’t stopped reading with a horrified rictus, then go watch the ridiculously exciting trailer and check my short review/introduction.
  • Warbands Bushido: set in medieval Japan, a tabletop miniature skirmish game complete with dice and cards. PvE and PvP content. Gone free-to-play at some point, but don’t let that stop you.
  • Warbanners: fantasy skirmishes à la Battle for Wesnoth. Play Wesnoth if you haven’t, it’s arguably better than Warbanners in a lot of ways, starting with its price tag (free!) and its massive content. But Warbanners, being a one-dev project with a low amount of reviews, delivers a very decent experience at the end of the day. Honest work spiced up with good ideas in terms of gameplay and story.

Now if the question was simply “what folks here need to try if they haven’t already” I’d mention more successful titles like Battle Brothers, Invisible Inc, Into the Breach or the Shadowrun series.

Thank you @Scylla for the recommendations. Of the first four, I only own Qvaudriga, and that’s the mobile version. Warbands Bushido looks fascinating but FTP model is off-putting. Still, no ham in trying it!

Of the second group of four, I own all but Battle Brothers. Really need to try that one some day. Thanks again!

Thanks for sharing the list! I added a few games to my wishlist thanks to the data. Also joined the Steam group.

You’re welcome!

The addition of nine games of the Worms series has just brought the database over the 800 games mark.

My next objective is a new column / filter for multiplayer. Not sure what the options should be. Maybe something simple and generic: SP only, MP only, both. Your suggestions are welcome.

It would be nice to know how many players in MP as well.

Your recommendation prompted me to reinstall the iOS version that I bought a few years ago. And guess what? I can’t, because Slitherine couldn’t be bothered to update the game to 64 bit when Apple rid their ecosystem of 32 bit games. Annoying, and makes me less inclined to plunk down $20 for the Steam version. Oh well. There are other games on your list…

That’s iOS gaming for you. Fortunately (?) my iPad 3 won’t update past iOS 9, so QVADRIGA forever! Also I own it on Steam. I love that game so much and still think it would make an absolutely amazing party game. Imagine the race up on the TV, and each player (of the 8 or 12 in a race, with AI picking up the slack if necessary) has an app on their phone that just lets them pick an action for the upcoming turn (I would play this in the real-time mode only). I would pay real money for that game.

Are people still playing this? It was multiplayer only right? I haven’t installed it in ages and ages. Didn’t realize it went f2p.