Date Night

Thought this was really funny. If you’re a married parent of small children, you should really enjoy this. Not sure if it’ll resonate as much with the El Guapos of the world.

Not to analyze the plot too deeply in a movie only slightly more grounded in reality than Hot Tub Time Machine, but for those of you who saw it, though, I think I missed something… How did Solara and Harry Osborn get the flash memory stick in the first place?

Is “The Book of Eli” such a cultural touchstone that I was supposed to get that reference without poking around IMDB?

Anyway, they didn’t explain how “Taste” and “Whippit” got the flash drive, which is just a MacGuffin anyway, except, of course to note that they stole it (as related by the 2 guys in the alleyway after dinner).

Good movie. Sort of off-the-cuff funny more than a Billy-Wilderesque cleverly constructed escapade. The Mark Wahlberg parts were funny as hell.

I saw it today and really enjoyed it, though I think it would have sucked with different leads. It was a stupid movie made smart by Fey and Carrell. They have really good chemistry.

Re. the flash drive, I’m assuming Whippit stole it while working at that club.

I dunno - The Handsome One would probably identify pretty strongly with the DA.

It is at Qt3.

Next thing you’re going to tell me you don’t know what chogglepants are.

What are chogglepants?


Someday you guys are all going to be depressed when you realize Gary has mostly abandoned QT3 for GAF.

That’s okay, we just keep Gary around for Leah.

I just got back from the movie. Loved it. It was silly and funny with some decent action scenes and that’s exactly what I wanted. Fey and Carrell definitely carried the script but I think everyone knew that was gonna be the case going in.

My wife and I are THE demographic for this so we must see it at some point. Plus, I love Steve Carell and Tina Fey. That is all.

Liked it a lot. Especially the pole dancing scene, and the bloopers.

It wasn’t funny. I expected funny and got maybe one laugh an hour. Horribly paced, weak dialogue, weak characters.

The only redeeming factor was Fey’s pole-dancing outfit.

Sorry, I guess I was wrong to laugh.

I definitely got more than one laugh per hour. Again, target demographic makes a difference with this one.

I got several laughs an hour, maybe dozens. Does that make me an asshole, Rick? ;)

Man, you Date Night fans are a touchy lot. What are you compensating for? It’s almost as if you know you enjoyed a bad movie!

-Tom, who laughed once every 90 minutes

Wow, learn to take a joke, Chick. You Date Night haters are a sensitive bunch…

no u

-Tom, who thought he was taking a joke, but apparently needed to include some sort of elaborately animated emoticons to avoid offending the touchy Date Night lovers

P.S. The best thing about Date Night is William Fichtner responding to the dance scene and that’s only about 40% as funny as it should have been.

You forgot the winky emoticon. Without that, no one (i.e. me) can tell if you’re joking. ;)

Another great thing about Date Night is that Tina Fey and Steve Carrel have a solid sense of chemistry with each other. Those two should be in a movie together. I mean, a movie besides Date Night. Like, you know, a good movie where they don’t embarrass themselves by having to do wacky accents for a snooty maitre’d and the director doesn’t have to wring so much mileage out of Mark Wahlberg being shirtless. It’s a bad sign when the best parts of your wacky comedy are the two leads being serious with one another.

 -Tom, assistant treasurer of the Date Night Haterz Club