Datel Max Media Kit for DS Lite

Anyone have one of these? Is this the thing that lets you download hobbyist games off the net and play them on your DS Lite? A friend of mine was telling me about this but couldn’t remember the name and this is the only thing I could find, but every damned google I do for it just shows up with price comparisons.

Haven’t heard of that particular device, but here’s a useful page about this kind of thing.

The MMD has worse homebrew compatibility than most, due to a lack of support in Chishm’s gba_nds_fat. This FAQ recommends the SuperCard for that purpose. (Caution: Pirates ho.)

Cool, that FAQ is exactly what I wanted. I’m not interested in warezing, but apparently some of the homebrew games are exceedingly cool and, if I have some time, I’d like to dork with homebrew development as well.

I’ve got an M3 (Movieplayer 3) SD, and it’s my MP3/Vorbis player in addition
to the usual functionality. I recommend the Moonshell program if you get any
of these types of addons, as it lets you copy text, pictures and music easily
onto the card. Movies need conversion, and I never bother with it.

Games can be dumped from your ROM with a tool, but it’s highly unstable and
creates files unreadable by the M3. I’ve tried a few, and they had to be
copied on a PC and back. Also, dumping does something to the encryption
used on the games, resulting in many games not being compatible with
games played from the real cartridge.

Homebrew is cool. Someone has a prize-winning music composer (a so-called
tracker) for download somewhere. Pretty nice, uses both screens. I can see
this being useful on the go to just put ideas down if you’re a musician.

The M3 folks also has an English translation of their PDA tool in the works,
but an alternative homebrew solution also exists. I haven’t looked at the
Chinese version, so I dunno about the features, but I’m hoping it can replace
my aging Palm for convenience. There’s also a separate homebrew demo
somewhere with handwriting recognition - proper stuff, like the Newton had.

ScummVM runs great too. You’re limited in filesize, so no The Dig or Full Throttle,
but the first two Monkey Island games ran with only minor grapgical glitches
and full music support. Haven’t tried Loom, but the full version is above the
size limit (there’s an FM Towns version, though, which might be smaller).

There’s also NetHack. Do you need anymore?

You know that you don’t need to press return when your line reaches the end of the text box when composing a reply, right? It wraps automatically :)

Ordered the Supercard Lite, will see how this all works out. I’m also going to pick up a black DS Lite when they ship, whee! That will be the 4th DS (3rd DSL) I’ve bought…