Daughter forgot her gmail passowrd and she has a new phone

My daughter is having a horrific week (lots of drama ) and part of it is she broke her phone, so she has a cheap burner phone to use for the week it will take to get her phone repaired. She is trying to set up gmail on her new phone, and can’t remember the password. Of course the only way she can reset the password is by getting a text to - you guessed it - her old replaced phone. She needs to get info from her email and use it on her phone but its a catch 22.

Is there anyway she can somehow get her password without her old phone? Or is she just screwed?

Did she have a backup email address set from when she created the gmail account? Mine was my old hotmail account.

Apparently not.

Hmm, hopefully someone else can chime in, but AFAIK you need one of the following to get back into the account:

-Password (duh)
-Backup email
-Backup phone number
-Answer to the Security/Secret question

Without one of those, I don’t know a way to get access to the account.

Assuming it’s not random gibberish probably she really can remember the password if she tries hard enough. Write down the top 10 prospects. Sleep on it. Repeat. Odds are she’ll remember something that works in a day or two of this.

But yeah, Google doesn’t provide helpful, caring customer service for free accounts. And if there is no backup plan for passwords or authentication, that’s pretty much it for that account. Which is why a) you should write down all your passwords on paper someplace, and b) use multiple backup authentication methods of phone and also one-time-password list, which they also provide as an option.

the phone number remains the same if the sim card is transferred. she should be able to receive text at the same number. unless she’s using some cdma-bullshit phone. no one to blame but herself if no recovery methods were setup. google regularly nags about ensuring that those are up to date.

Could she get the text on her computer through Google Hangouts? Or could she reset her password from her computer?

Thank god, I could tell asking for help was just a flimsy pretense and what Jeff really wanted to know who to blame.

The phone is a temp one while she gets her main phone repaired. And no one is trying to point fingers and blame.

I don’t think I want Google to be helpful and caring in this case. You can’t just let people call in and go “I forgot the password to this account, can you reset it for me”.

Odds are she’ll be fine, once the old phone is fixed. So her “burner” phone isn’t using the same number (i.e., same sim) as the old phone?

sorry jeffl, not ‘blaming’ anyone.

Can you ask your cell company to set up call forwarding from the old phone number to the new one, then ask Google to call (or text) in the authentication code?

The Call Forwarding feature for calls does not affect texts in that manner.

(I worked at a Canadian telco for 8 years)

I believe you can ask Google to make an automated voice call instead of text.

Sure, but did she not take out the sim from the main phone and put it in the new one?

Yes, this is the answer.
You take the sim card out of the phone being repaired, and you put it in a garbage phone. Then that garbage phone is the same phone number, and will receive the texts that google sends.

That’s what I pointed out above in my original post but didn’t get a reply. Unless it’s some bullshit CDMA phone?

I think it’s fair to assume that either the phone was sent for repair without removing the SIM card (because why not?) or it’s a CDMA phone (because the largest American carrier sells CDMA phones).

Yea, unless you can get the SIM card from the old phone into the loaner, it sounds like she’s out of luck. Once she has access to her account, time to update the security settings with a variety of alternate contact details and offline/printed codes.