Dauntless - pc co-op monster hunter?

Hope it helps them. From what little I played it didn’t seem like a bad game, but with MHW out on PC I don’t know why it really exists.

I’m always on the lookout for new pc coop to try with my son. We spent a long time whacking the starter monster, which wasn’t terribly challenging or interesting, but would just not end.

Eventually my son remarked that he’s feeling sorry for the monster and we left to play something else.

Did you try MHW?

I haven’t. It’s on the wishlist though. Having to buy 2 copies means I’ll wait for a meaningful price cut.

It’s gotten pretty low a few times, for PC and console, and they gave it away with video card purchases. If it hasn’t reach your price point yet, I am sure it will. It’s also still going pretty strong with new content being released.

If you were looking for something like Dauntless but just more… MHW should be very close to what you are looking for.

There is a pretty significant update to this coming this week. I jumped back into it this weekend and was pretty impressed with the state of the game. The changes coming on Wednesday will cement that if done correctly. They are making a lot of changes to the loot grind, the quest chain, the endgame, weapon modifications… lots of good stuff in there. I am especially looking forward to load-outs. Why this isn’t in the game already is beyond me.

Tom will be streaming this on Wednesday!

I put over 600 hours in MHW and there are still things I prefer in Dauntless. I can see playing both

here is some more info for the patch tomorrow:

I bounced off of Dauntless pretty hard, but this was before I had tried MHW and I ended up getting sucked into that game. If you get a minute, would you mind expanding on aspects of Dauntless you like better?

I can chime in on that too. I’ve got about 400 hours in MHW, and I had a ball with it, BUT

  • Dauntless hunts tend to be quicker so you can fit them into smaller time chunks
  • MHW can be pretty heavy handed with the locked in animation windows. Like, you know you are toast and have to watch in horror for the next few seconds while the button cou clicked drives you to your doom. Dauntless is much more forgiving in that regard, and you can oft times roll out of moves or switch up combos on the fly.
  • The grind in Dauntless is not nearly as bad. Then again, there are less things to grind for.
  • The quests and dailies in Dauntless are easier to get going. You don’t have to run around town to find all the things you want to do today, they are just in your quest log. This may change tomorrow as I don’t know what the new quest system will look like.
  • Dauntless in my experience has a pretty friendly community and it is much easier to get into a co-op for the behemoth you are looking for. Also easier to find your friends, get grouped up, etc. No need to session hop and all of that.
  • You can actually see your group in town (you don’t have to go to the party barge to see everyone! Dauntless Fashion!)

Those are some quick things off the top of my head.

It’s mostly the feel of the individual weapons. I find the fights in MHW more visceral and entertaining, and obviously the visuals are more engaging in it, but the actual weapon mechanics feel more impactful to me in Dauntless. The fluidity of the hammer/gun combo for example provides something I just don’t feel from anything in MHW. Same with the pike.

Dauntless feels like MHW lite in a lot of ways, but not in the feel of the weapons. Also being the lighter version of a game isn’t even really a bad thing overall as long as it captures some of the fun and I feel it did.

So did anyone else give Dauntless a try after the TomChick uber stream last night? =)

I did, yes. Played the tutorial, wandered around town gearing up, fell asleep. Not because of the game, but tired. I’ll give it a better shot tonight hopefully.

I didn’t see any kind of friend interface, where is all that stuff? See above tiredness for explanation if I missed anything obvious.

Hit “O” or trackpad if you are using the controller

So, this was released as free-to-play on Xbone today. Is that how it is in pc? If so, is it terrible? I’ve been enjoying Monster Hunter World since it got added to Game Pass last month. How is this different? It really seems like bad timing for the Dauntless devs.

I have installed it. Now I need to find some time to play it, lol.

It’s quite good, but keep in mind they are having serious server issues with the number of people playing. Game has cross platform as well. Anyone have a guild?

I played it a year ago or so. It failed to hook me because it seemed very basic (granted I only played an hour or so and felt bored), but I had never played a Monster Hunter game before. I picked up MHW once it became available on PC and loved it.

I’ve been meaning to go back to it after enjoying MHW so much but haven’t gotten around to it.

This could be the slogan for all of my gaming time the past few years.