Dauntless - pc co-op monster hunter?

This maybe not my thing, because I found it to be dull as dishwater.

Is that hot, sparkling dishwater with lots of suds? Or cold, used greasy dishwater with bits of food floating in it?

5 minute login wait. Then made my dude and watched the black loading screen for 10 min before I shit it down and went back to Xcom 2. I’ll try again tmrw

I went ahead and tried it, and have done three or four hunts now. Not much to it so far, but I’m willing to give it some more time.

It starts off very easy if you have played MH at all, but it goes from easy to hard like jumping off a cliff at some point.

Is the game still limited to a half dozen or so weapon classes, or did they expand on that leading up to release? One of the things I like about MHW is the cool things you can do with weapons like the Insect Glaive and the hunting horn. Being able to support your team, have crazy mobility, etc.

It’s F2P so thought I’d answer my own question.


Free and Free to Play games seem to do well on the Epic Store!

queues actually go pretty fast, it’s the delay in finding servers for hunts that is annoying to me right now. They have added 2 weapons so are at 7 or so now I think? Advantage over MHW to me is that I love all 7 where in MHW I love about 7 of the 15 or so.

Isn’t Travis Day (Diablo III Loot 2.0 designer) working on this?

One hot take

The only new weapon is a dual pistols ranged option they added.

The thing I like about Dauntless is that it’s a much breezier game than MH:W. Sure, it’s not as deep or involved, but that means it’s also way more pick up and play. There’s far less setup, prep and tracking involved. You aren’t managing huge numbers of items. You’re not even responsible for carving so you don’t have to try an optimize your drops that way either. I’ve also never felt as committed to any weapon or gear so it leaves you free do do a lot more switching and experimenting.

The constant f2p upsell is a turnoff though.

it tells you once when you turn it on then lets it go. Not sure I feel that’s constant or too much.

As a MH fan, I am curious about the game. I’ve watched some streams. However it looks very static in comparison to MH. The “fights” are seemingly 2 to 10 minutes of players wailing on a monster that seems to have forgotten to move or attack most of the time. It looks like some PETA nightmare film as people just hammer on this thing that is just sitting there. The owl thing moves more. Again, maybe I am coming from MH where there appears to be much more movement and energy in the fights.

Just downloaded on the Xbox to play. All servers full. Estimated place in queue? 35,000

The biggest change from MH:W for me is that the controls feel more ‘responsive’. I’m a bit of a button spaz, so MHW and I don’t always get along because I swear the MHW ignores my buttons/control input. Dauntless combat is a touch faster, so is less prone to ignoring button/control spam. For actual good MHW players, this is probably a bad thing overall.

they move plenty if you aren’t staggering it. If you are correctly staggering and booping then they don’t. MHW was mostly the same for me though, if you were ‘doing it right’ you could mostly prevent monsters from doing much. Also see sub 1:30 Nerg kills and the like. Only major differences here for me is less running to get to the fight and different graphical style.

Am I watching vastly over geared fights? I won’t deny what you say happens in MH, but that is usually only in helping someone clear quests or farming lower encounters. A traditional hunt in MH has a lot of movement and staggers are spread out throughout the protracted fight as an opportunity to be pounced on by the party. As a GS user, it was my goal to clip off out of reach parts or stagger for the party. Both were much more scattered occurrences than what I seem to see in Dauntless (if it is stagger) streams. I’d have to be farming way below my rank/gear to see a fight anywhere close to the stunlock beatdown I am (maybe) seeing in Dauntless.

Dont get me wrong. Arena fights were cool too. The multi area chase was annoying at times. I kinda like what I see in Dauntless that way. It’s just the fights seem so… static. Where is the movement? Even the idea that it’s combat is faster seems odd. I watch streams looking for the players working the openings, but I just see piles numbers as the players surround something that maybe does a belly roll or turns around every now and then. Monsters just…sit there-- Except the owl thing which moves more. If a fight (at my gear) in MH was like i was seeing, I’d think the monster got gliched. But again, maybe I am seeing over geared farming. But I do see it everywhere.

So is there a Qt3 guild for this? It strikes me as the kind of game that’s really best played with people you kinda like. That’s you follks! :)