Dauntless - pc co-op monster hunter?

It’s still way early in development. There’s currently nothing in the zones other than the bosses, but they will be populated with stuff later (heard that specifically in one of the videos I watched)

Good to here. If they have a plan for a living eco system, awesome news.

There were no specifics, so it might end up being populated with boring fluff that makes you wish it was just a boss fight, but the plan is for there to be something.

I’ve often been interested in Monster Hunter, but it’s a bit hardcore/daunting for me. I’m hoping this will be a little bit more approachable, but still have plenty of depth. I’ve also gotten much more willing to try online MP after playing Battleborn, Gigantic, Paladins, atlas Reactor, etc

It was pretty hardcore on a system that wasn’t filled with hardcore. MH doesn’t scale either, so if you go in with 2 or 4, monster doesn’t change. I think it relies too much on PUGs for a western title but Dauntless has an opportunity to be different but still offer similar. I am no MH expert. My only experience was Tri, but I liked it, mostly.

It can’t be that early, if open beta is the end of the year. That should mean feature complete, bug and server tests only.

Tri is probably regarded as one of the worst in the series, I think. The underwater combat was disliked by many…

I think if you gave one of the newest titles as go you’d feel a lot better about MH. The weapon crafting is a lot less finnicky and more interesting, the combat is easier to read, there are more weapon choices, the monsters are WAY better designed (this is the most important thing for me. A lot of monsters in the earlier series are just… not fun. Like Rathlos Rathian vs the newer flagship monsters are night and day)

Anyway, point is, it can definitely be done in an accessible way, thats good for MP and SP. MHG was a great single player game and scaled really well.

In MH series, a lot of my time was spent learning how to fight the controls and views to keep the mobs in view. Once I got a handle on that, the “tells” of the monsters were quite simple to figure out I thought.

Does the newer games address this single most important aspect (IMO) of these types of games?

Always bummed when I sign up for a new game and my name is taken. Doesn’t happen often, maybe 3 times in 15 years.

But I liked Tri. Underwater combt was hard but not impossible. It’s like you’re trying to sell me a game I already own. What I don’t like is playing on the 3DS. I want a PC version. That’s where everyone I know plays. Getting 4 people together for a hardcore console game is not easy for me, and I hate PUGs.

Oh, I didn’t realize you had a 3ds / newer monster hunters, since you mentioned you had only played Tri. To be honest, Tri was my first monster hunter game and I quite enjoyed it as well, although I enjoyed the 3ds version much more.

and yes, I totally agree!! I would absolutely love a PC monster hunter. That’s why I’m hoping Dauntless succeeds I was just saying that I think the newer games did a better job of scaling and singleplayer / multiplayer balance. I think you could reasonably get to the end of Generations in singleplayer.

Well I have the option to get a new monster on the 3DS, but I don’t want to. I dont’ find intense gaming on the 3DS to be enjoyable at all. I prefer to sit back, relax in bed and farm on the 3DS.

I mean if Tri had some faults and others are better, that’s great. If they told me the PS4 or even the Switch got 3DS and the game scaled, like 2 people could play the MP… i’d be there. If it HAS to be 3-4, I need it on PC. And I hated, hated MH Tri single player.

I’m probably putting too much hope on Dauntless, but if the genre is successful at all I’m hoping for more real MP action like it. No one I know has time for raiding on an MMO, but a 1-2 hour boss fight… sure.

They announced their Founder’s Packs, which look alright except for:

[quote]Champion Status (90 Days): Receive more materials from every behemoth you slay. Champion status is a great way to make your hunts go further.

Patron Status (90 Days): Similar to Champion status, Patron status increase the quantity of materials dropped by slain behemoths. What’s better is that everyone in your hunting party will also receive a similar bonus regardless of their status. Additionally, this bonus stacks with other Patrons. It’s the perfect perk for slayers who plan to roll with a group of friends.[/quote]

Without knowing more about the economy, the one thing that looks like it might be worth having is the style Hunter perk on the highest level. Whether that’s worth 80 bucks is another story.

You have to be a founder to create a guild is that right or… does this imply that guilds are going to cost a lot and this is a perk? Hopefully this does not imply that the grinding is horrific when it comes to the economy. Sure MH has you hunt the same monster multiple time but it didn’t feel that grindy too me.

This is just a guess, but I think it’s something you will be able to pay for. I can’t imagine it being a huge amount, either, because guilds are important for building a community.

Monster Hunter doesn’t have guilds right? I mean I played MH but never with PUGs. My understanding though is it was very easy to PUG though. FFXIV was too, i just hated the oh we had an awesome run, and I’ll never see you again. Or oh we failed so everyone quits rather than learn and try again. My view of instance PUGs became low because of that… but I didn’t think this set-up was that guild focused.

It didn’t have guilds because the 3ds and play station didn’t really have very great online features… I mean its pretty difficult to type and navitagte menus on the 3ds.

Yeah that’s true. But I find it works the same with any game (you add them as a friend and pug at random times). I had a couple friends I would add frequently to parties.

No guilds in MH, you just open up a 4 person room and title it what you want to hunt for pugs. It’s a pretty clean solution to the pug problem. Plus MH is so niche that the people who play generally know what to do without a huge amount of communication.

Speaking as someone who played MH on the Wii and played with others who aren’t really part of the MH fandom, I know there weren’t guilds in the game. I don’t know if the guilds were playing the game. I mean that makes sense right? We all know the guilds can organize outside a game. I just didn’t think MH made it really necessary or worthwhile. What does Dauntless plan to do to to change that?

From what I’ve seen so far, and I realize it’s still very early, it looks like it’s still a small crew instance experience.

I’m not sure if they were any guilds external to MH, certainly none that I was aware of.