Dave Long On TV

Crazy, I know. WPVI Channel 6 Action News from Philadelphia was in Reading today to interview me regarding violent games, GamerDad.com, parenting kids as it relates to games and all that good stuff. Those in the Philly area can catch it on Action News tonight at 11PM.

I’m hoping to take it off my TiVo and put it somewhere on the web afterward. I’m sure I’ll look like a total dork, but there you have it. The interview went well too.

I’m not sure if this breaks the code of pimping on Qt3 since I’m really not pimping anything other than… um… me being on TV… but if it does, sorry about that. Thought folks might be interested.

I think you guys will be pretty happy with my responses, depending what they show. I made a point of saying how GTA is a great game despite the content, blah blah. Also recommended Civilization IV as a great game for teens. After it airs, I’ll let you all know what was cut. ;)


Careful, you might get a beret photoshopped onto your head.

haha! I’m sure Sparky will come up with something more suitably Pennsylvanian… She’s from the area originally, so she’s probably been saving stuff up for a long time.


Super exciting, Dave! I’m going to watch it for sure.

Judging by the usual sensationalism that local news goes for, they are probably going to slice up your well thought out responses into something like: “Video games […] make […] children […] into killers”. Let’s hope not though :)

Yeah, I was thinking along those lines. But I think it’s more likely they’ll play his comments uncut, but introduce him as “local insane Satan worshipper Dave Long” and give him devil eyes in Premiere.


When they called, those kinds of thing were the first to cross my mind. However, the producer guy was really cool and seemed to be about my age, maybe slightly older. He also asked pretty evenhanded questions and I gave evenhanded responses.

I think the overall feature was looking for Christmas ideas with a parental focus, but I think the end result will be a little more than that. I don’t think they knew what they were getting into when they decided to talk to me. :)


looks forward to a mirror

I doubt Tom would care to much, seems just like a cool thing to hype. Gratz on the appearance!

I did something like that many years ago when I was in college. Somehow my name lingered on a list for a group called CARPGA, basically roleplayers trying to push back against anti-roleplaying hysteria in the 80’s.

Well, there was a murder and the defense was the usual anti-roleplaying stuff so I got a call from the local game store to talk to a local reporter about the case. I did look a bit dorky but had the presence of mind to actually put on a shirt and powertie and limit my comments to the notion of parental supervision and various studies proving no link between violence and roleplaying. The fun part was that my opposite number, shot seperately, was Pat Pulling herself of all people. I may have looked a bit uncomfortable but she was nutsy. Her entire argument was holding up the cover of a DM’s manual and saying, “See it’s evil!”

Anyhow, no copies of that adventure survived that I know of (though I’m kind of curious to see it again). Look forward to seeing how you do when the link goes up.

Well, he has a hidden ace if he gets nervous. “Nintendo! Just go with Nintendo!”

The piece just got done airing.

I don’t know, Dave, I think you came off as one of “those” people.

Kid: Adults shouldn’t be worried… they’re just games.

Reporter: But the people at gamerdad.com disagree…

I also wasn’t fond of the way they intercut your comments about the games on the “avoid” list as they ran them down. Almost made it seem like you were trashing the games in question, that last comment about how you “admit that they might be fun for adults” notwithstanding.

But I could be wrong. What did you think?

Well, it was definitely skewed a little more toward the “danger” of videogames, yeah. She at least did say that those games were good for adults too. The rundown of things that are good for kids was decent too.

I dunno, I guess I didn’t expect much more than that, but what was there was more evenhanded than most stories of the type. They’re making “news” though and news is that there are scary games out there.

Did I look like a total dork? ;)


Also… there’s like twenty minutes of footage. We talked for awhile, me and Rob Royal, the exec producer. The end result was a … what… two minute piece? Given they’ve got to put Nydia in there, I’m surprised at just how much air time I got. They got my name right at least.

Among the things that were cut… me saying how Civilization is a great game for kids because it teaches them history without them even knowing it. Bunch of stuff about Nintendogs and how it appeals to everyone, especially young boys and girls (and no messy real animal cleanup!), more discussion on Grand Theft Auto and the satire that it contains. Wow…a whole lot of stuff. They also shot footage of me walking around playing my Nintendo DS. None of that was in there.

Still, once again, it’s not too bad. Considering how much it could’ve completely skewed toward the negative, I think it was worthwhile. How many people in the industry get to even tell any reporter how games are good? Also, if it helps people find GamerDad and gets them better informed, that’s awesome too. I’d rather they make their own decisions based on the Kid Factors we write over there. We lay it out there in better detail than the ESRB and they can decide if their kids can handle it.

Ahem… also, I knew when I said that “Basically… fighting demons from hell.” thing he was going to use it. The twinkle in his eye was like a small star going nova.

Wow… I should’ve waited to post…

Also, that bit about “The people at GamerDad.com don’t agree” was totally her thing, not mine. I never said anything of the sort. They also never asked what we think about games/reality either though. :)

Ok… I’ll try to get this up so the rest of you can see it. Anyone know an easy way to get from the TiVo to a format that I can post on the web?

LOL… I just realized they also didn’t run any of the stuff I said about parenting and just paying attention to what your kids are doing. sigh They need a longer news program. :)

Oh yeah…I have some pierogies, the Boscov’s logo, a bottle of Yuengling and a pile of anthracite all set up in a Photoshop Action.


Yeah, I love me some Lager.


I grew up in PA, right outside of harrisburg. The weirdest thing is that they make all food sweet. Sweet french fries, sweet beef, sweet pork, desserts like shoo fly pie are essentially blocks of sugar, horrible horrible food.

Women in particular in rural pennsylvania have the most monumentally huge asses you’ve ever seen. Like amazingly out of proportion, the women have asses that are like two bowling balls with a pingpong ball balanced on top for their heads. Their asses are so large they literally swallow seats. Not like 3 legged stools, we’re talking La-Z-boys here. It’s interesting, actually. The more metropolitan the area, the smaller the ass. Around those hick pig farmers, holy shit, you can’t walk by a woman from newville on the sidewalk without obscenely brushing up against the side of their amazingly wide bulbous ass. You probably think I’m exaggerating but I’m not, it’s like they’re mutants or something.

I haven’t been back to my parents’ house since 1998, and I only live 4 hours away… in manhattan.

Where at outside Harrisburg? I grew up in Myerstown.

I agree there are a lot of large asses around here. On the whole probably some of the larger butts you’ll find, however I think you’re exagerrating… just a little bit. :)


I grew up in Steelton. Where the heck is Myerstown, Long? Where are you from stusser? I probably know… your older brother or something. You sound like you’re about twenty something?

East of Harrisburg between Lebanon and Reading. It’s a small town along route 422. It’s about 45 min. from Harrisburg. I live in Reading now, though.


Did you ever eat that coal candy from up Sckukill county way? My dad’s family was from up there and I remember these boxes of black candy, that was hard as a rock, and came with a miniature coal pick that I coveted when I was young. The candy was crap–100% sugar and hard enough to break teeth. My aunt wouldn’t let me have the coal pick because she said I’d put my eye out.

Good times.