Dave Perkins: 2012 Ascension iOS World Champ

That’s right, folks. Out of the 128 person field Dave waded through and emerged victorious. I imagine this would come up in one of our Ascension threads, but this more than deserved its own, special announcement.

I think it is only fitting that of the several Qt3ers and everyone else who entered that Dave won as his love for the game knows no bounds as evidenced by his borderline disturbing management of the various leagues and tourneys that have not let up for over a year.

Ascension is an amazing game and Dave makes a great champion.

Awesome, congrats Dave!

Nicely done.

Wow! Everyday Dave gets closer to total world domination.


Fuck yeah! Go Dave!

Way to go, Dave. You deserve it.

It was painful to watch that final match in slow-mo animation. But it looked like a tricky one without a lot of obvious moves. Well played.

Did you do any card counting and recording or just play it straight up?

That is awesome! Way to go Dave! Now I don’t feel quite so bad losing to you.

Wow, way to go, Dave!

Awesome :)

Whoa, a whole thread for me! Thanks, Tyjenks, and thank you to everyone saying gratz. When I hit the final End Game button and saw the score, I didn’t pump my fist or whoop (like I do when I pull out a win against one of you tough guys), but just sat there for a minute, with a little smile. It seemed so improbable! My final win/loss was 13-4.

Considering that I went into the tournament believing that using all decks + promo cards was nothing more than a series of coin flips, I better just claim I’m a lucky flipper. But like Tim James said, that last game didn’t have a lot of obvious moves for either me or Paul, so I’d like to think we each had a say in the outcome.

I wish you could see the other three games, so you could see me play one of my hands in Game 1 as if 3 plus 3 equals 3, and Paul get the absolutely perfect last revealed card in Game 2’s last hand, and me get the same to open Game 3. The first was hilariously dumb, and the other two you’d just say to yourself, “No wayyyy.”

Game 2 was probably the best game, in my memory. I had no clue who had won, but I felt like there were some subtle and interesting momentum shifts. I love those matches.

Again, thanks T and everyone! OMG weeeee!

Congratulations you silly ice cream confection.

Congrats Dave!!!

Way to represent QT3 proudly.

huzzah! glad my throwing that game to you early on paid off :)

Congrats Dave! Couldn’t happen for a more deserving person (speaking both for your general awesome qualities, and for the beat down you gave me in our one game of ascension thus far).

Congrats! I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad about losing to you in my first ever Qt3 Ascension game!

Congrats Dave! Tremendous stuff!


Merry Christmas Dave! Well deserved win for a great guy.

Dave is too glorious for direct eye contact! Congrats :P

Congratulations, Dave!

Superb Dave! You did us proud!