David Brevik's new game - It Lurks Below

There was a front page article about this, but no thread in the games area.

I watched a bit of a stream last night of Brevik chatting with folks while his wife played the game, and
it looks like it should be fun. He described it as the Starbound he wishes had been made.

It is a labor of love by Brevik who has done everything in the game by himself (art, music, coding).

Breivik should hire an English speaker to vet his Steam page.

So what distinguishes this from the many other similar roguelike survival games (apart from the author’s pedigree) ?

I’m not being snarky. It’s honestly hard to tell from the Steam EA pages.


I’ve barely touched it. From what I’ve read, it’s that there are skill trees. It does feature randomized item drops, which is uncommon on this side of the genre-blending fence. I got the impression this is moreso like Diablo random drops than e.g. how Terraria or Crea do it. Or possibly even Starbound.

So far, this is pretty darned good.

No surprise. I have worked with Brevik a little bit in the past. The guy is what he appears to be, a no nonsense old school game dev. He knows exactly what he is doing.

It’s not particularly deep yet, but I can see complexity being added as development progresses. Looking forward to seeing how this goes.

Makes sense. The way I saw him work when I was on Gazillion’s board is he starts shallow with a few effective systems then adds depth upon depth afterwards. It was pretty cool to see him in action.

Thanks. Sounds like maybe worth checking out as it develops.

Stop posting about games that aren’t even out yet and making me want to play them plz.


Damn good. Look at those itty-bitty stats!

This is out - I had a little taste and it’s pretty addictice but I’m not sure how this will be any better than Terraria or Starbound but maybe I’m way too early to tell at the moment.

Does it have rain/flowing water? For some reason this is really important to me in these types of games. :)

Any beginner advice?

I played a bit and it’s one of those games where you die if you don’t eat every couple of minutes. Really savage. And it’s a constant stream of monsters to fend off while trying to eke out a basic farm. :)

I haven’t found any pools of water so it seems like won’t have the water physics (what little there is!) of Terraria or Starbound. That said, I haven’t noticed a significant death penalty and I hope that the food issue gets easier once more advanced foods/farming is sorted. But yes, having to farm and eat is a terrible pain and not in the good way of Starbound (where I am chasing down every recipe).

They do have the ‘creative mode’ which is basically the same game minus food and stamina requirements. But I’d like to play with those mechanics, just maybe toned down a bit.

Even as those systems are now wouldn’t be so bad, if I had time to breathe to feed myself. I’m meant to be fighting through a massive underground dungeon, but right near my starting point on the surface there are neverending hordes constantly spawning my way.
Though the dev does say

Yes, the game is brutally hard the first few times you play. There is more of a learning wall than a learning curve.

so it’s probably just me. :)

It does get easier once you have some recipes, and have a farming operation set up. Watching Brevik’s wife play was funny because he’d want her to go off killing things and she would be having fun setting up her farming.

There is no real penalty for death other than you drop a bunch of items where you died, and it can take a while to get back there if you haven’t portaled nearby.

Game-changer in the latest patch.

  • You can no longer die of hunger. Instead, you get a severe debuff that goes away once you eat.

So guys, this is on sale, and it looks fascinating. Anyone been playing it of late?