David Fincher's MANK - Gary Oldman as Orson Welles' Kane Co-writer

Originally planned as the director’s follow-up to The Game, Fincher’s long-awaited Netflix period piece now has a trailer and a release date. I wonder if this will lean heavily into Pauline Kael’s anti-auteurist take on Welles? Either way, it looks like something I’ll definitely be checking out. The script was written by Fincher’s late father back in the 1990s, so I imagine this is a very personal project for him.

Extended trailer:

Do much want.

Yeah that looks fantastic.

Amazing. I love that Netflix has kind of become this go-to for high-profile directors’ pet projects that wouldn’t get funding otherwise.

Yeah, it’s interesting how these streaming services are changing the calculus for how things get funded, and I wonder how well it’s going to work out in the long-term (i.e. if they are sustainable). And in there I include the Microsoft game pass thing- I remember an article from earlier this year about it, and they mentioned Gears of War Tactics. They ran the numbers and traditionally a game like that wouldn’t have been a viable product in normal RoI scenarios. But when you’re doing it to bolster ongoing subscription revenue to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per month, it can make more sense. A lot of these Netflix ‘Auteuer’ movies seem a lot like that.

This script has been floating around for a long time. I read it nigh on 20 years ago. It once had Kevin Spacey attached. Nice to see it getting made at last.

If this is what we got in exchange for shelving Mindhunter, I’m much more okay with that now.

This looks awesome!

Not in my country it doesn’t.

Does this link work for you, Rich?

Indeed it does. Many thanks!

Vulture has an engaging interview with Fincher about what it’s like returning to a project your so personally invested in twenty years after putting it down. It has some wonderful details about his early experience of Kane, his father’s role in introducing it to him, and how the script developed over the intervening years.