David Hasselhoffy Goodness

Be afraid. Be very afraid…



My eyes! My Ears!! AAARRRGG! Why do you hate us, Ben?

When he sang, “Everything’s all right…” while looking coyly to one side, I made a poop.

Please God tell me this is a sick, sick joke and not a real thing. I think that image of him catching and biting a fish will stay with me forever.

I’m still laughing about the part where he flaps his wings like a birdie.

Hey dude.



Saw this line in a story on ESPNet about the NBA draft and what would happen if Cleveland gets shut out of a good pick:

“So what happens in Cleveland without James, Anthony or Milicic? An Art Modell “Welcome Back” party or a David Hasselhoff concert would draw more at Gund Arena than a Cavs game.”

It takes a very special kind of entertainer to draw a comparison to Art Modell in Cleveland.