Davinci Code

Ok, so suddenly there is all the hype about the book… now, rather than when it first came out and has been on the bestseller list for how long now? Months? Why all of the sudden now? Because of the recent ABC program? It’s kinda funky that, yeah, I just recall it being a book on the bestseller shelves - didn’t think much of it, other than it got all of author Dan Brown’s recent books nicely reprinted apparently - and suddenly last week, wham, everyone is talking about it.

Anyone actually read it?

— Alan

Hyperbolic, breathless writing style in the Robert Ludlum mode, but the plot keeps you wanting to turn the page.

The writing is sucky and the plot sophomoric. But the actual historical facts he litters the pages with are a lot of fun to read…kept me moving thru it. Da Vinci is MUCH better then Angels & Demons though…there is a reason his previous books were not all that popular.

Read it, liked it, thought the writing was weak and the plot also somewhat weak, but it was enough of a page-turner to keep you going. Interesting theories here and there, some of the puzzles were painfully easy to figure out (left me surprised that the characters had trouble).

The special on ABC was pretty shallow, I guess to avoid controversy.