Dawn of Discovery: Anno 1404

Is buggy, buggy buggy. If anyone knows how to do the 4 ships quest in the third chapter, please post. There’s two problems with this quest. The first is that they give you two ships at the beginning of the chapter. You can only have 5 ships total, but Guy wants you to build 4 ships. 4+2!=5. The next is even if you do get rid of the extra ship, Guy will not acknowledge the 4th ship. I’ve replayed this 3 times and no go. I thought there was a way to get to all of the chapters of the campaign, but I no longer see it, so I guess I’m hosed.

Increase your ship limit, Lorini. It’s one of the attainments. I think they’re called “attainments”. The tech awards, at any rate, that you buy with your honor points.

If anyone figures out how to expand the building radius for citizen level buildings, please let me know. I’m sure it’s mentioned at some point in the single-player campaign, but I just wanna sandbox!


Don’t all warehouses increase the build radius?

The building radius for peasant level buildings extends from the warehouse and from each additional marketplace. But for citizen level buildings, but the radius is only extending from the warehouse. And each island can only have a single warehouse.

Since so many of the raw materials require citizen level buildings, there’s got to be a way to extend the building radius to more remote corners of the island.

Help me, BJB! You’re my only hope!


I don’t have the game yet. You know you can upgrade your marketplaces, right? Maybe they have to be upgraded to affect upgraded buildings.

I know you can upgrade your warehouses (the one/island structure you use to start building on a new island), but that didn’t extend the building radius. I don’t think I knew you could upgrade your marketplaces (the structures that extend your building radius to new parts of the island). Where do you do this? That makes sense, but I’m pretty sure I looked for an “upgrade marketplace” button.


It’s in the middle, at the top of the warehouse.

I finally finished Chapter 3, but in Chapter 4, I went broke because my Peasants and Citizens wouldn’t ascend, even though they met all the criteria. Apparently there’s something new/screwy about the ascension stuff. BJB, hurry up and get the game! :)

Could be you ran out of tools. They need tools (and some other materials) to build their upgraded homes.

Lorinin, you’re thinking of the warehouse upgrade. I’m talking about marketplaces. As near as I can tell, there’s no way to upgrade those. I’m looking at the screen for the marketplace now. There’s an inhabitant overview and a population pyramid. Neither includes an option to upgrade the marketplace.

It’s also not a matter of raw materials. The tooltip clearly tells me I can’t build there because it’s not in the construction area. :(


Don’t the marketplaces place increased areas themselves? You want to expand that?

I meant Lorini might have run out of tools. For you, it sounds like we’re all getting confused over terminology. The warehouse is where your ship docks, and you can only have one per island. The marketplace is the town center. And market buildings (I had to run the demo again to get that term) are the structures that extend your construction area. Those are the ones that collect goods and can be upgraded like warehouses.

The marketplaces increase construction areas for peasant level buildings. But to take advantages of resources like stone, you need citizen level buildings. I can’t figure out how to extend my construction area out for those kinds of buildings. :(

Also, I love me some RTFMing, so I can say it’s definitely not in the manual. And there’s no Annopedia in Dawn of Discovery.

You guys suck at helping a brother get his city builder on!


Whoa, wait, hold the phone…hold the phone! BJB got it!

“Marketplace” and “market building” are right next to each other on the build tab. That’s totally it. BJB, you are teh awesome and I am teh retarted!


So ummm, is this game good?


It’s basically an iteration of Anno 1701. To me, that’s means “yes, but…”. To some, that might mean “no way, no how”.


Not surprising anyone here, the two biggest German PC magazines each rated the game at 91%.

One aspect that was criticized though is the somewhat weak enemy military AI in later stages of the game. An upcoming patch is supposed to improve that situation as well (even though military is really not that important for most players).

In a post Rise of Nations world, it’s either not as good as RON, or better then RON :)

If you liked the first one, this one is better. There are certainly some issues though, particularly regarding ascension. More bugs–the costs shown on the tooltips are not always correct, which has caused me to curse from time to time.

I loves me some Anno, but I do not loves me any TAGES limited to 3 activations DRM.

Ok, now I’m completely stuck in Chapter 4. In 1701, to get your houses to move up to the next level, all you had to do is satisfy the highest level house’s requirements, make sure that the tax level was at euphoric, and bingo, the house would move up. I now have 25 Patrician houses, and even though the Citizen houses that are left have all that they require and are in Euphoric, they won’t move up to Patrician. Without them moving up, I can’t continue. Any help much appreciated, and not having the annopedia in this game absolutely sucks!! Along with the 7 page promo manual.