Dawn of Magic

Anyone played this yet? It’s an interesting Diablo 2 clone with some good twists, but the thing that has me scratching my head are the character modifications that occur as the game plays on.

There’s an alignment system that’s relatively important to the game, and the more you progress, the more your character transforms to look like the alignment. So, now, after about 4 hours of play, my fat old lady character has transformed into some sort of 4-legged spider thing with chains and locks and sharp metal jutting out of her.

I’m wondering if maybe the developers twiddled the numbers here and these changes are happening a bit too quickly. 5 minutes into the game, my woman had already grown metallic chains and long sickle-like arms…

Anyway, anyone have thoughts on this game?

I’m going to wait until Tyler plays it and gives us a report. He’s our resident expert on the “____ of Magic” genre.

For the love of god, Tyler has already paid his karmic debt for the Empire of Magic debacle. I adjudge Raife guilty of violating the internet statute of limitations on message board fouls, as well as excessive pilling on, with gratuitous snark. 15 demerits, you must perform 7 “Hail Chick” and an even dozen "Our Entity"s. Go forth and sin no more.

Any relation to Dawn of War? Loved that game.

Where’s my Dawn of Religion, with thousands of deities duking it out in an all-in Battle Royale with all of the (rapidly decreasing) human population at stake?
Yes, ok, Populous, but I’m sure you can make it into more of a cheesy beat-em-up.

Better yet, you could play as Abraham.

For Raife: I have played it non-stop all week. This is my only must-have of 2007.

For everyone else: Looks interesting, but have not had a chance to try it out. I hear Raife is picking it up though.

Oh no, Tyler may be permanently scarred by my friendly harassment. In fact, he was obviously so scarred that he decided to harass me right back. It’s amazing how that works out. I think you’re just jealous that you can’t really harass anyone because you’re a boob.

I’d hate to be a boob alone, because I’d always wonder when it’d be my turn to come off.

stop saying “boob”

All right, from now on I’ll replace any derogatory usage of “boob” with “Gordon Cameron”.

She ‘ad A Lovely Pair o’ Gordon Camerons,
Bountiful, and standin’ pert n’ high!

Rendered en Espanol, Gordon’s name means, roughly, “fat shrimp”. Now, mentally, replace “boobs” with “fat shrimp”. Since I am in fact both fat and short, the karmic circle is now squared.