Dawn of the Dead (again.. the 1978 version)

Just saw this again last week and have been mulling it over.

I first saw it when I was what, 14? And I don’t remember liking it as much, even though it has a permanent place in my fond childhood memories.

I’ll have to agree with some of the hardcore and say that it was a better movie than the remake, with a few exceptions.

The zombies were a joke. What kind of pathetic SWAT team has trouble killing any arbitrary amount of those things unless they happen to run out of ammo, and even then, give them a pointy stick. They were totally unbelievable for a “take over the world” threat level.

Why was the world so fucked when judging by the earlier shots (rednecks zombie hunting, for one) - they had it well in hand?

Why can the zombies magically bite through any flesh-covering material as if they had pneumatic jaws but seem to have no other real strength?

Why did the bikers do a whole weird 3 stooges thing?

Why would you trade a Colt Commando (to a zombie) for some crappy (non-scoped) hunting rifle? It would have been so easy just to take that rifle away from him.

Anyway, combine that movie with the fast zombies and the better fx/etc of the remake, and we have an all time classic. As it was, I felt that both were just middling, and I got a better rush out of the remake.

As I believe has been established many times in previous threads, fast zombies = just plain wrong.

Though it starts off a little too closely to 28 Days Later, the current comic series The Walking Dead is pretty good, and features zombies of the slow-moving kind.

Recommend it, then? I was thinking of giving it a try.