Dawn of War 1.4 patch released!

…to be released on Thurdsay, Sept, 8th in anticipation of the Winter Assault expansion due out in about 2 weeks.

Here’s a list of changes:

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Patch 1.4 Changes
Balance Changes
Increased Defiler cost to 190 requisition 400 power
Increased Defiler build time to 60 seconds
Increased the cost of the Chaos Sorcerer to 200 requisition 100 power
Chaos Sorcerer build time is now 60 seconds (up from 20)
Cost and build time of Chaos Marine Tactical Bolters reduced by 5%
Reduced the cost of the Chaos Temple by 10%
Reinforce time of Chaos Marine Tactical Bolters reduced by 10%
Warp Spider damage against infantry has been reduced by 15%
Guardian damage reduced by 5%
Ork Stormboyz armor changed from Infantry High to Heavy Medium. Ork Stormboyz should now be a much better counter to Warp Spiders.
Reduced the cost of the Space Marine Dreadnought to 170 requisition 350 power
Reduced the train time of the Space Marine Dreadnought to 50 seconds
Cost and build time of Space Marine Tactical Bolters reduced by 5%
Reinforce time of Space Marine Tactical Bolters reduced by 10%
Reduced the cost of the Chapel Barracks by 10%
Scouts were inadvertently given an accuracy penalty while moving in the 1.3 patch. This penalty has been removed. Scouts should now be more effective at dealing damage.
The recharge for Battle Cry was reduced to 96 seconds (down from 120)
The recharge for Orbital Bombardment was reduced to 195 seconds (down from 240)
The recharge for Smite was reduced to 100 seconds (down from 120)
The recharge for Weaken Resolve was reduced to 45 seconds (down from 60)
The build time for the Predator Lascannon upgrade was reduced to 20 seconds (down from 25)

Code & Performance Changes
Many small optimizations for low-end systems
Full front-end now reloaded after switching mods (games)
2 new graphics options: Persistent Bodies, Persistent Decals
Improved system performance detection capabilities of GraphicsOptions utility, resulting in more accurate settings. As a result, the GraphicsOptions utility will automatically run next time you start the game, post-patch/update.

Awesome - I’m actually finally buying this sucker next week ( I promised a friend that if he got broadband I’d buy DoW to kick his ass… ).

Has anyone else played this and found the game to be very unbalanced? I decided to play orks, got my ass kicked over and over, and then discovered that the general consensus is that they suck (which is why no one plays them).

I see nothing in this patch that really improves them much.

Well, my memory of the tabletop game is that there is virtually no concession to balance, so it might just be a faithful translation.

Not meant as an insult but my guess? You didn’t know how to play them well. Learn how you want to use their strengths and then learn to execute your goals during the game. That’s all RTS games are…

The units types are very important. If your opponent consistently relies on a particular type of unit (scissors, for example), then build rocks to counter them.

I decided to play orks, got my ass kicked over and over, and then discovered that the general consensus is that they suck (which is why no one plays them).

I don’t play Dawn of War very competitively, in that I’m not online playing with people who have pushed the game balance envelope. The balance changes listed above don’t mean a lot to me. But I do play a lot casually with people who are just as good as I am. Or thereabouts.

In those sorts of situations, my experience with the Orks is that you have to be very careful when and how they hit. Since their tech is essentially tied into the number of Ork resources they have (i.e. the number of men in the field), it’s difficult to absorb casualties. You can’t treat them like the throwaway masses you’d think they’d be. So the secret with the Orks is having enough intel to make sure you always attack with the advantage.

Use plenty of cloaked gretchins. Make sure you have a balance of ranged/melee units to counter whatever the other guys is building. Eary on, clump your Waaah towers together and stay near them. Be careful to anticipate when and if the other guy is bringing vehicles into play.

I love the Orks, but they can be almost as tricky to play as the Eldar. BTW, the new Imperial Guard in Winter Assault feel a lot like a combination of Orks and Eldar!


Some of my best success with Dawn of War has been with Orks, and I was in the top 50 on the 1v1 ladder in version 1.2. Unfortunately 1.3 broke automatch for me - it works very rarely, and I can only hope there is some sort of automatch fix in 1.4 or the expansion that isn’t listed here. That said, I still play the game fairly regularly online in arranged team games.

There is a lot of stuff in Dawn of War that seems broken until you reach a better understanding of how everything operates within the game. I would call it one of the more balanced RTS games out there.

I’ve been playing a lot more DoW recently, though I play Chaos for the most part. I’ve found that the races are pretty balanced, but strategy plays a HUGE role. Sure, that first rush is still very important, but what you’re doing while that first rush is happening is also key. Even if you lose it, it depends by how much and how you follow it up. I like the multiplayer a LOT.

I’m not merely going by the fact that I suck (and it’s okay to say that could be the problem; I completely understand that players often think something is unbalanced when they are at fault for not understanding the force they are playing).

I’m going by the fact that: i) nearly everyone on the message boards/chat channel state that orks were violated and now suck after 1.3; and ii) in playing about 50 random matchup games, I played another ork side once (and I absolutely creamed that guy). When people are avoiding playing a side to that degree, it suggests to me that they are being avoided for a reason, quite possibly that they suck.

Just got DOW yesterday, interestingly enough. Amazon has it for $20.

So, are there any campaigns I can download? The inclusion of only one in the game kinda makes me worried I’ll finish it soon and be pissed and bored.

Woo woo!

The Winter Assault expansion just went gold today. It’s due on the 19th. :D

I read Tom’s preview in CG mag this month. It was a nice writeup of the IG’s capabilities and play-style but left me wanting a more opinionated review. Gamespot has a video from E3 2005’s Game Stage, about 10 minutes long, with the lead dev showing off the IG class, its free to stream the vid for non-premium members, and its a pretty good look at the expansion and the new class: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/warhammer40000dawnofwarwinterassault/index.html?q=winter+assault

I must be one of the few people that enjoyed the single player campaign. I’m nearly finished replaying it on the harder level; and can’t wait to get my ass kicked by some Qt3’ers once WA hits the street.

It may be a playstyle issue. Certain ork tactics were nerfed while others were boosted. The stuff that was nerfed was frankly overpowered.

I found orks far stronger after the patch, personally, as least as far as my playstyle was concerned.

Nob Leaders are absolutely brutal.

Orks don’t suck by any measure.

And if you can get yourself a Squiggoth then you’ll have no problems (just get some gretchins to repair him as you go along crushing everything in your path). Green is best.

Hmmm, I agree that those are useful, but in playing against the good players online, I am usually dead before I get there, because the basic troops seem overmatched (and people do not play the “build up to the good troops” game - they hit you hard early).

You are all telling me what I realize (of course it’s still appreciated); I should go back and give it further time to see if I can unlock the value in the force. I still admit to being somewhat doubtful, but I’m willing to objectively admit I’m probably not getting it.

The preview was based on a build that only had a smidge of the campaign included, but they talk a good game about how they’re beefing it up this time. There should be more choice, and it’ll almost certainly be longer than the Dawn of War campaign.

As for opinionated, I have mixed feelings about the Imperial Guard. I don’t know the Warhammer 40k universe very well, but I do know there are some really cool and exotic alien races they could have used. I think Relic’s reasoning as for why they didn’t go in any of those directions sounds like a cop-out to me. I’m pretty disappointed they’re going with such a vanilla human race. Bleh.

But having said that, I do like how the IG play out in a game. The Computer Games Magazine preview spells out what they can do and how they do it. I love their emphasis on leaders and how they have different ways of buffing cheap crappy infantry. Their vehicles and buildings have a few nice twists (bunkers, transports with firing ports, super-duper bad ass arty). I didn’t play it enough to get a sense for how they interact with each of the different races, and I suspect they were still tweaking the balance. But that – and the campaign, of course – are mainly what I’m interested in seeing once I get a final version.


Perhaps the Imperial Gaurd is being added because they already have a presence in Dawn of War’s campaign mode. The basic infantry, the kick ass Leman Russ, and one of the IG heroes all make a show during the single player campaign. Maybe the IG was a race in the first game that was scrapped, only to be added back in an expansion pack. Not that I’m complaining; although humans are already represented with the Space Marines, the defensive playstyle of the IG should add a fresh element to the game.

The patch is out:


Many of the “races” are sort-of add-on to other races. Every faction of Space Marine (Ultramarines, Crimson Fists, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, etc.) are all space marines. Each faction has a certain speciality and therefore is blessed with some unique units, but overall they’re all still space marines.

Then you have the Battle Maidens, a small faction of “female space marines” who use Seraphim instead of jet pack troops. Then there’s Dark Eldar; Eldar with a dark twist. Tyranids, which will remind you a LOT of the zerg if they ever publish them. But both the Battle Maidens and the Dark Eldar are (to me) a bit incomplete. They came in very late in the game and don’t have deep roots like the Marines, Eldar, Orks, Imperial Guard, and Chaos. They’re also not as complete in a stand-alone sense. Dark Eldar are just pissed off eldar with different looking guns & vehicles (but they use hover technology and similar guns all the same), and the Battle maidens use a Rhino transport tank (see the Space Marine aresnal) as their primary tank. But they put a flamethrower on it to, “Cleanse the evil of their enemies.”

I can see why Tau and Necrons were their other considerations. They’re more unique than the other races. Personally I think Tyrnids would be the coolest for their next attempt. The Genestealers (stars of the stand-alone board game Space Hulk, also by Games Worshop) started off on their own, but were eventually adopted into the Hive that is the Tyranid species. The Tyranids are essentially a variation of Aliens’s aliens (as in, the film series Aliens); they pose a threat to every race because they don’t negotiate, they’re bent on galactic domination, and they’re tenatious and unyielding in their methods. They are zerg-like at first glance, but in a what-came-first, the tyranid or the zerg? sense I think Tyranids win out.